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9 сентября 2020 г. 04:52

Problems With Seed Planter

At present, there are still many problems in the research and application of China's Seed Planter that need to be resolved: agricultural machinery research is out of touch with China's agricultural production needs, and cannot meet the real needs of domestic agricultural production; there is no relevant research system of its own, and a large number of plagiarism and imitating foreign advanced machinery Type, unable to adapt to domestic production; The currently used models have unstable transplanting quality, poor versatility, low automation, and high machine cost. Looking at the development process and application status of Seed Planter at home and abroad, combined with domestic Seed Planter development The existing problems can be summarized in the development direction and research focus of China's Seed Planter.

 (1) Accelerate the research and development of domestic transplanting related auxiliary technologies, improve the overall level of transplanting technology, and increase the area of ​​mechanized transplanting operations in my country.

 (2) On the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with the characteristics and needs of my country's transplanting operations, design transplanting machinery that meets the needs and habits of my country's agricultural operations.

 (3) With the reduction of my country's agricultural employment population, transplanting machinery will inevitably become the main force in my country's agricultural production. The production and research and development of semi-feeding transplanting machinery suitable for my country's agricultural production needs is the inevitable trend of my country's future transplanting technology.

 (4) Due to the constraints of the economic situation of the farmers in our country, the acceptable range of Corn Sheller prices is relatively low. Using the advantages of modern large-scale industrial technology to produce agricultural work tools that Chinese farmers can bear and reduce the unit price of agricultural machinery tools will be the future of my country's agricultural machinery The main goal.

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