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2 сентября 2020 г. 05:04

Corn Sheller Improves The Level Of Mechanization

1. Seed Planter saves labor, labor, and has high mechanized production efficiency. Seed Planter adopts precision seeding, one-time seedling formation, and a series of operations from substrate mixing, tray loading to seeding and covering are realized automatically. Miaoling is 10-20 days shorter than conventional seedlings, which improves labor efficiency, reduces labor intensity and reduces workload.

2. Seed Planter can save energy, seeds and nursery space. Seed Planter is a direct seeding of dry seeds, one hole, one seed and concentrated seedlings. The number of seedlings per unit area is higher than that of conventional seedlings. Using Seed Planter can effectively increase the protection production area.

3. Seed Planter has low cost. After using the plug, the overall cost can be reduced by 30%~50%.

4. Facilitate standardized management. It is especially suitable in areas lacking seedling technology. With the development of the urban economy, new vegetable fields have been continuously developed and faced with the lack of vegetable planting technology. The development of Seed Planter has enabled more agricultural investors to solve the technical difficulties of seedling cultivation.

5. There is no slow seedling period. The plug method is used to raise seedlings, because the seedlings have strong resistance to stress, and the planting does not damage the roots, and there is no slow seedling period. Seed Planter is also easy to transplant and has a high survival rate.

6. Suitable for long-distance transportation. Seed Planter is a light-substrate soilless material as a seedling substrate. It has the characteristics of light specific gravity, strong water retention capacity, and the root tufts are not easy to disperse. It is suitable for long-distance transportation.

7. Corn Sheller is suitable for mechanized transplanting, which broadens the prospects for the vegetable market.

8. The seedlings in each hole in the plug tray are relatively independent, which not only reduces the spread of pests and diseases, but also reduces the nutrition competition between the seedlings. The root system can also be fully developed and the quality of seedlings can be improved.

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