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26 августа 2020 г. 09:14

Some Misunderstandings Used By Seed Planter

     In addition to following certain operating guidelines, the correct use of Corn Sheller must also keep in mind the misunderstandings of not entering into use. The following are four major misunderstandings used by Corn Sheller for reference.
1. Poor repair
    After Corn Sheller is used up, it should be checked and repaired immediately, and kept in a safe place, so that it can be used again next time or in the coming year. But after some are used up, they are randomly placed on the sidelines, grounds, yards, exposed to wind, sun, rain, and many parts are rusted, causing self-damage or difficulty in maintenance before next use. Even some knowing that there is something wrong, they do not overhaul or dispatch, thinking that it will take a short time anyway, and they will just reluctantly. Therefore, accidents such as loosening of screws, broken bars, and pulleys falling off often occur, causing personal injury. Even some "blasting".
Second, use screening models
   Some small simple corn shellers produced in the early years, although the structure is simple and efficient, but the safety is poor, and injuries often occur. It has been ordered to screen (such as 5TJ-110), and the manufacturer does not produce the complete machine nor the accessories. However, some owners are lucky to spend money on a new Corn Sheller. As everyone knows, incidents often happen in this situation.
3. Unfamiliar operation
  Some places have changed the past practice of having experienced pilots mastering Corn Sheller uniformly, but every household is fighting separately. Many operators do not understand mechanical principles and lack safety knowledge, and think that everyone knows Seed Planter, and only use it for a short time in a year, so they are reluctant to spend time in training courses. Even an organic household is operated by everyone at home and neighbors. I don't know how to deal with the situation, and accidents happen frequently.
Fourth, the energy is scattered
   People get tired very easily during the autumn harvest. Especially easy to get sleepy at night, coupled with poor lighting, distracts energy and causes trouble. Others are feeding and taking care of the children. They are not energetic and their hands are easily caught by the roller.

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