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19 августа 2020 г. 05:14

What Are The Applications Of Corn Thresher

Cotton is an important economic crop in our country. Statistics show that my country is the largest cotton producer and consumer. my country's cotton area accounts for 3% of the planting industry, with an output value of 10%. In 2012, my country's cotton textile exports reached 262.5 billion US dollars. The three main technologies of cotton planting are high density, drip irrigation and mechanized harvesting, which places higher demands on Corn Thresher. So how can I buy a Corn Thresher that meets the requirements?


The row spacing configuration adopted by this Corn Thresher is mostly 20+40+20cm, with two walking rows of 60cm, combined rows of 60 (or 50) cm, and a total width of 4.2. , The average line spacing is 35cm. The width of the mulch film used is 115cm, the coverage rate of the mulch film is: 300/430=69 8%, and the lighting area ratio after sowing and covering soil is 180/300=60%. In this Corn Thresher, install 13 mouth-pointing pointers, the plant spacing is 10cm666.7lTl2, the number of points is 19040 points, if 14 points are used, the number of point-pointing points can reach 20500 points.

Dear old and new customers, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to browse our website (https://www.hongxiangseeder.com/). Our company is a joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, production and management. With many years of scientific research experience, specializing in the production of planters. Over the years, we have won the support and trust of our customers with sincere service, high-quality products and good reputation. Finally, we are willing to work with you to open up new markets in the market.

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