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4 августа 2020 г. 05:28

Use Of Seed Planter

One is to conduct a safety inspection. Level the four feet of the Corn Thresher to ensure that the equipment is stable and firm, and reduce shock. At the same time, according to the imitation order, check whether the rolling and swing parts are flexible and free of collision, check whether the adjustment mechanism is normal and whether the safety measures are complete and effective to ensure that the machine There is no debris inside, and at the same time all lubrication parts should be filled with sufficient lubricating oil.

The second is to carry out a trial run. After turning on the power, let it idle for 1-2 minutes, check whether the machine is running normally, check for jams, collisions and other abnormal phenomena, and then feed in after everything is normal. 

The third is to accurately choose the workplace. Choose a flat and open place for the thresher homework, and pay attention to the natural wind direction. The outlet should be in line with the natural wind direction as much as possible. Reliable fire protection equipment should be provided in the homework. The fourth is to do a good job of safety protection. The safety protection device installed on the thresher is set up to protect the personal safety of the operator and related staff. Therefore, the machine cannot be disassembled during operation or work. If it has been disassembled during maintenance, the machine must be reinstalled before operation or work. . In addition, when the machine is working, it should be operated in accordance with the requirements of the relevant safety signs on the Seed Planter, and the operator should be tightly dressed to prevent accidents caused by clothing or hair being caught in the drum or drive belt. Young people under the age of 16 or employees who do not grasp the rules of using thresher are not allowed to use the machine to get homework. 

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