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29 июля 2020 г. 05:28

Introduction To The Features Of Corn Thresher

In the production and processing, the motor of the corn processing machine is decelerated by the pulley to drive the rotation of the main shaft of the thresher, and multiple inclined blades are welded on the main shaft. When the Corn Thresher is running, the corn will be attracted by the blades of the main shaft, move forward, and move up and down. During the movement, through sliding with the grids on both sides and bottom, the purpose of threshing is achieved. The use of this corn processing machine for threshing work has the following characteristics.
1. Using this corn processing machine for corn threshing work can reduce the crushing rate of corn particles to open, effectively ensuring the processing quality of the corn processing machine.
2. When the new corn processing machine is used to run the corn processing thresher, it can meet the threshing work of different moisture, and the household Corn Thresher has better applicability. When the traditional thresher removes corn ears with water content below 16%, the particle breakage rate is high.
The main working part of the fully automatic Corn Thresher is the rotor installed on the machine. The rotor prompts the rotation and the impact of the drum to thresh. It is currently widely used economical threshing equipment, small in size, light in weight, easy to install, operate, and maintain. High productivity and many advantages. Corn Thresher is mainly composed of 5 parts: wire mesh machine cover (ie drum), rotor, power supply, frame, etc. The screen and cover rotor together constitute the threshing chamber, and the rotor configuration is the main working part and the corn threshing machine factory
Working principle: Corn Thresher, when the corn is working, the high-speed rotating rotor collides with the drum, the egg is separated from the screen hole, the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine, and the corn cob is discharged from the tuyere. The supply ball is installed in the machine cover. The corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the supply ball. On the high-speed rotating rotor in the threshing chamber, the corn kernels fall off and are separated by the screen holes. There is a baffle in front of the entrance to prevent the fallen corn kernels from rebound . Good at using Corn Thresher safely. With the modernization of rural machinery, Corn Thresher is becoming more and more common as a helper for farmers. However, when using Corn Thresher, please note the following:
1. The working environment of the threshing machine is very poor, so it is necessary to educate the personnel involved in the operation on safe operation in advance, understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as tightening sleeves, wearing masks and protective glasses, etc.
2. Before use, carefully check whether the rotating part is flexible, whether there is any conflict, whether the regulatory agency is normal, and whether the safety facilities are complete. To ensure that the machine is free of debris, lubricating oil must be added to each lubrication part.
3. The Corn Thresher must clean the workshop before starting up, and put the sundries that are not related to threshing will be Watanabe apricot. Children must be prohibited from playing next to the scene to avoid accidents.
4. Strictly prevent the corn cobs, sticks, and other hard things from being fed into the machine evenly during work.
5. The transmission belt joint must be firm; it is strictly forbidden to take off the belt or any objects contact the transmission part when the machine is running.
6. ​​The transmission ratio between the matching power and the thresher must meet the requirements to prevent the thresher from being too high, the Seed Planter manufacturer's vibration is serious, parts are damaged or the fasteners are loose and cause personal injury accidents.

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