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22 июля 2020 г. 05:47

How To Use The Seed Planter

1. The Seed Planter should be level and stable.

If the machine is not placed smoothly, it will increase the vibration amplitude of the machine, which will affect the threshing effect of the corn thresher. Secondly, it will loosen the parts of the corn thresher and naturally affect the threshing effect. 

2. The water content of threshing corn should not be too large. 

Anyone who has used a corn thresher knows that if the corn moisture is too high, the corn is too flexible and strong, and the threshing effect is not good, and if the corn moisture is too high, it will increase the burden on the machine. Generally, try to keep the corn kernels in the mouth to bite It's better if there are no obvious bite marks. 

3. Frequently overhaul and maintain the machine.

When the thresher is working, the vibration is large, and it is easy to cause the parts to loosen after a long time. Therefore, it should be frequently repaired and maintained to lubricate the key bearing parts.

4. Feed at a uniform speed.


When threshing, the feed should be at a uniform speed, and must not be fast or slow, or more or less, this will also affect the threshing effect of the Corn Sheller.

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