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15 апреля 2021 г. 10:19

How to Get and Use Netflix on Xbox One

The ultimate gaming console Xbox One can do several things and can even use Netflix for more fun. Xbox One is a powerful gaming console that can run heavy games and stream them smoothly. The application store of Xbox has several streaming apps, and it gives a unique streaming experience. Users can watch their favourite movies and shows through streaming apps. So if anyone is interested to know how they can start using Netflix, here’s the guide for them.

Install Netflix on Xbox One

Before getting into the steps, just make sure you have an active Netflix subscription. If you don’t have one, then you can start it just now and can enjoy a one-month free subscription. To enjoy Netflix on Xbox One, you don’t need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, so it makes things easier. But you must sign in to Xbox Live Gold to enjoy Netflix. Keep your internet connectivity fast to get the best streaming experience.

Once all the minimum requirements are met, just install the Netflix application from the Xbox store. But if you have already installed the app on Windows 10, then it will appear as owned on Xbox Store. So let’s get started:

  • Get into the Store from the Home Screen.
  • Slide down to the Apps section, and tap button.
  • Or you can slide down and tap Show All 50 to browse all apps.
  • If you want to find an app quickly, then you can try out the Search app option.
  • Type Netflix on the search bar, and press to open details of the app.
  • On the Netflix app screen, press on the Install app icon.
  • After the installation is complete, you can launch the app directly from there.
  • Sign in your Netflix account by typing your email and password.

Add Netflix to Home Screen of Xbox One

After a recent update, Microsoft removed the feature of manually adding apps to the home screen. If you spend a lot of time on Netflix, it will automatically get added to the home screen under My games & apps section. Once the app is added to the home screen, you can pin it right there so in future it will be easy to access the app quickly. You can also create a group of similar apps by following steps:

  • Choose My games & apps icon on Home Screen.
  • Press button.
  • Click the Apps option.
  • Now press on the three-lines of Netflix app.
  • In the drop-down menu, choose Add to a group option.
  • Choose Create a new group if there’s no streaming group available.
  • Type a name for the group.
  • Now move back to Home.
  • Slide down to Add More option.
  • Press on See all suggestion, if there’s no group found.
  • Slide down to the Groups option, choose a new group.
  • Click A button and add it to Home.

So this is everything for now to set up and use Netflix on Xbox One.


Great thing about the Xbox One is that it has several popular streaming apps. People who love to binge Netflix, and if they are carrying an Xbox One, then it’s better to set it up on Xbox One and get the best streaming experience, Setting up Netflix on Xbox One is nowhere tough, and probably every user can try out the process.

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