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8 января  2021 г. 19:15, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Twitter Acquires Breaker Podcast App to Build Twitter Spaces

Social podcasting app Breaker recently announced that its team is joining Twitter to implement its expertise in audio experiences to this microblogging platform. However, the financial details of the deal to acquire the expert team behind the San Francisco based podcasting platform Breaker hasn’t been revealed yet.

Leah Culver, a co-founder of Breaker, announced via a tweet that she is joining Twitter to help build Twitter Spaces. Further, she said that even though she’ll miss Breaker a lot, at the same time, she is very excited to be able to contribute towards building the future of audio conversations.

Erik Berlin, a co-founder of the Breaker app, declared about this acquisition via a blog post, stating how he and the team will help build new experiences for Twitter users. Berlin expressed how passionate they are about audio communication at Breaker. He also said they are very much inspired by how the social networking site, Twitter, is facilitating public conversations for users worldwide. The blog post also revealed that they would be shutting down the Breaker app for all users on 15th January. Apart from all this, the post also discussed the transfer of the current subscriptions of the users to another podcasting site.

Michael Montano, the engineering team leader at Twitter, further confirmed this union of Breaker and Twitter by tweeting from his verified account, expressing how excited he is to work with the Breaker team. His tweet mentioned that Leah Culver, Erik Berlin, and Breaker designer Emma Ludwin are joining Twitter.

Breaker app, which was both iOS and Google-backed Android software compatible, allowed users to discover and listen to podcasts. Last December, Twitter launched Spaces which it described as a platform created around the voices of its users. As per the company's blog, around ten users can be added to Twitter Spaces to speak, and there is no limit to the number of its listeners.

In the same blog post, Berlin also said that four years ago, when Breaker was first launched, the existing podcasting platforms were more like feed readers and to-do lists. However, Breaker introduced a social community element to the platform by adding features, including the ability to like and comment on podcast episodes.

Wrapping It Up

Social media  platforms are always trying to come up with innovative ways of keeping their users engaged and be ahead of the game. With this new union of Twitter and Breaker team, we are right to expect some exciting updates and additions soon. Recently, Twitter started allowing a tiny group of users to build Spaces. However, Berlin wishes to expand this list of users who can build Twitter Spaces over time.

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SOURCE:  Twitter Acquires Breaker Podcast App to Build Twitter Spaces

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