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6 января  2021 г. 17:28, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Instagram Desktop Version Is Testing Out a New Layout for Stories

In 2020, the Facebook-owned social networking site Instagram introduced some significant changes to its platform. From the release of Vanish Mode, Reels to enhancements in Instagram Live, and the integration of Instagram DMs with Facebook Messenger, these modifications and additions have indeed contributed towards improving the user experience and app usage.

Once again, this popular photo-sharing platform seems to be testing a new interface on its desktop version for viewing Instagram Stories. According to the reports, with the launch of this new layout, Stories will be displayed in a carousel in place of the single tile (like it does currently, consuming the entire space). Nevertheless, the navigation process will remain as it is; users will still be required to either click through the Stories or allow them to play automatically. With the rollout of this new interface, users will, like before, be able to tap / click to proceed to the next story and see what they have already viewed and what they have yet to see, making it easier for users to track where a specific user is in their queue.

As per reports, the platform has already begun testing out this new layout, but there are no reports regarding how many users are currently seeing this new, different Instagram Stories layout or whether this update will remain permanent for users who are seeing this new update. An official of Instagram confirmed to a trusted source that the platform is indeed testing this new Stories layout and a small fraction of app users started seeing this new update since last month itself. However, it wasn't revealed as to when the company will release this latest update to a broader audience.

Wrapping It Up

The photo-sharing platform has been paying heed to its desktop version lately and has introduced some exciting updates for the same. Most desktop users have always criticized how viewing Stories takes up their entire screen, and it looks like the company is finally ready to alleviate this pain point of the users.

As of now, the Instagram Stories appear in a single tile and use up the entire space when users tap to view it. Users either have to wait for the Stories to automatically move to the next slide or click to view it using the navigation buttons. From what we have learned about the new layout so far, one thing can be said for sure that with the release of this new interface, Instagram Stories will undoubtedly become more engaging, visually appealing, and cleaner to view.

Hariom Balhara  is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for  E Global Soft Solutions . E Global Soft Solutions is a  Digital Marketing , SEO SMO PPC and  Web Development  company that comes with massive experiences. We specialize in digital marketing,  Web Designing  and development, graphic design, and a lot more.  

SOURCE:  Instagram Desktop Version Is Testing Out a New Layout for Stories

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