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3 декабря 2020 г. 16:18

Instagram Rolls Out Live Rooms in India to Help Content Creators Gain More Engag

Popular social media giant Instagram has introduced a new “Live Rooms” feature allowing users to add up to three users in their Live video. This new feature is aimed at the content creators who will be able to gain better engagement and grow their following by going live with multiple guests.

The company was testing this feature in India earlier and has now introduced it broadly, making it one of the first countries to have it. Instagram has also incorporated several built-in controls in the Live Rooms for the community’s safety.

At the launch of Instagram’s new feature, the Vice President and Managing Director of Facebook India, Ajit Mohan has said that the content creators are at the front and center of pushing culture and creativity on Instagram, and the platform is continually evolving to help the creators in expressing themselves in a better way. He also said that from the launch of Instagram Reels to the testing and rolling out of the Live Rooms feature now, India is playing a significant part in how products are being designed for the future.

How to Use Instagram’s New Live Rooms Feature

To use Instagram’s new Live Rooms feature, users can either swipe left from their Instagram homepage, or tap on the “plus” or “create” icon and then tap on “Live.” If accessing the feature using the former option, users can scroll through the options at the bottom of their screen and tap the “Live” option. Then, tap on the round shutter icon to go live. Users can also add a title for their Live session from here.

Once the user goes live, they can tap the Camera/Rooms button to view the list of users who have sent a request to join their live video and accept it to go live with them. However, to send a request to join their live session, users can search for the guest’s username and tap on their name to invite them. With the release of the new Live Rooms feature, users can add up to three additional users in their live session, which means you can repeat the same process to add other guests too.

As per reports, the company said that they had seen tremendous growth in Instagram Live views in India during March this year. Since Live Rooms allow users to add three guests in their Live session, content creators will now have better opportunities to expand their reach, grow their audience, and engage better with them. Creators can start a podcast or talk show or collaborate with other content creators or host an interview or Q/A session with influencers, and much more.


As the social distancing guidelines continue to keep people away from their friends and families, Instagram Live has been a great way to keep them connected virtually, and this has been reflected in their usage data.

Instagram’s Live Rooms feature is definitely an excellent tool for creators and influencers who will now be able to express themselves better, engage their audiences, and bring more variations in the type of content they offer. The Live Rooms feature will be available to the general public in India and Indonesia shortly, as per the company.

Hariom Balhara is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles for E Global Soft Solutions. E Global Soft Solutions is a digital marketing, seosmoppc and web development company that comes with massive experiences. We specialize in digital marketing, web designing and development, graphic design, and a lot more.

SOURCE : Instagram Rolls Out Live Rooms in India to Help Content Creators Gain More Engagement

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