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How to View the IP Address of a Website in Smartphone and Computer

Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol) address. Some websites have only one where I can use it. Sometimes knowing the IP address, the bypass site blocking programs, and much more. Finding a website for customers, as browsers, usually doesn’t show them. However, it’s not a bad thing.

SOURCE: How to View the IP Address of the Smartphone and Computer 

Here is the IP address of a website in mobiles and computers.

How to view a website's IP address on Windows computer

You need to use the command line address on your computer. Here is how.

1. Search for 'Command Prompt' or 'cmd' with the Start menu. Press the "Start" button.

2. Click on the Command Prompt at the top of the Start menu. Doing so launches the Command Prompt.

3. Now you have to enter the IP address. Follow this method to enter traceroute command, type “tracert WEBSITE'SADDRESS.com.”

• Replace WEBSITE'S ADDRESS with the Internet Protocol address.

• Find the correct and original address of the website.

• Do not use 'www' in the command.

• Make sure to enter a space after “tracert.”

4. Then press the 'Enter' key to run the command. Traceroute command will be the IP address of the website you've entered.

5. The “Tracing route to WEBSITE'SADDRESS” is the Internet Protocol address.

By entering the correct address.

How to find a website's IP address on Mac computer

By using the Network Utility tool in macOS, you can find the IP address. Here is how.

1. Launch 'Spotlight' icon located at the top right corner on desktop.

2. In the Spotlight Search field, the 'network utility' to search for it. The spotlight will be displayed.

3. Now, double-click on the Network Utility at the top of the Spotlight menu. Doing so opens the Network Utility window on the screen.

4. Open the 'Traceroute' tab from the top tabs menu. If you’re looking for an internet route, you can enter the correct address.

5. Active the box and enter the address of the website into it. 'Www' or 'https: //.' For example, google.com.

6. Then click on the "Trace" button.

7. The “Tracing route to WEBSITE'SADDRESS” is the Internet Protocol address.

If the website is using multiple IP addresses, then it’s more a numeric code. You can find your Internet Protocol address in the traceroute box.

How to view a website's IP address on iPhone

See “iNetTools” app from the App Store. It is free. Search for 'inettools' on the phone. Once the app installs, use these steps.

1. Launch the 'iNetTools' app.

2. From the iNetTools menu, select 'TraceRoute.'

3. Tap the 'Hostname or IP Address' bar under Server heading.

4. Enter the correct and original address (without 'www' or 'https: //' https: // ') of your website.

5. Hit 'Start' located at the upper right corner.

The IP address (es) of your website will appear on the screen.

If you want to download your mobile phone or tablet, download the 'PingTools Network Utilities app from the PlayStore.

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