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23 июля 2019 г. 18:03

How To Fix Word Isn’t Your Default Program Issue

Word for Microsoft. Majority of people prefer Word for docs files over others. It makes it easy to use it. Some users complain that the Word is not a program. The problem is common with many versions of Windows. Fix this.

SOURCE: How To Fix Word Isn’t Your Default Program Issue , Fegon Group

Change “Default With Word” In Settings

It is because of the application. Docs program with Word. Once the change is made

Disable Prompt in Word Application

Disabling the wizard. Check it if the prompt is enabled. It would be a matter of fact. Microsoft Word is your default docs program.

Repair The Installation Of Office

It can be a problem with the installation of office. Word of Excel with Microsoft Office Package. If you are on the PC, there are chances you are facing the problem. Chances are there may be corruption in Office. Repairing corrupted folders is way too easy than it sounds. Just click the Windows Key + R box together to see a Run dialog box and type appwiz.cpl in the bar. Screen where you can install installation. If you’re looking for something to go on. It will repair in no time.

Open docs. Files With Different Text Editor As Default

It will sound unfamiliar to you. But replacing the Word truly works. If you are facing the issue of the word, click here. It is one of the most amazing tricks to make your word. Restart the program. It is amongst the old-school trick users.

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