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7 марта 2019 г. 22:27

How to Keep Your Facebook Safe and Secure?

Have you been depressed lately and posting a lot about yourself on social media? Are you used to sharing on Facebook? If this is the case. Facebook is a pleasure giving, undoubtedly it is. Through them you can easily stay in touch with their classmates, relatives, friends, friends, etc. People can share photographs, videos, and their opinions too. It has more than 2 billion users. It is a famous service globally available. However, it’s better to keep specific information private. Especially from our people.





How to Keep Your Facebook Safe and Secure?





  • Keep your profile private

FB profile is not public, keep it secret. Tap the drop-down arrow towards the right. Choose Settings and tap Privacy. The user will get "Who can see your future posts", tap Edit. You will see a drop-down menu. Be secret then choose “Only Me.”

  • Put some limits

But you still have to set up your account. You will see Who can see my stuff? Limit Past Posts and “Limit Past Posts.”. ”Users will see a warning box. Hit Confirm.

  • Post to chosen friends

You can make it. Tap-down arrow. From here onwards, choose Custom Options. The user will see a custom privacy box. There is a blue sky. Write it up. Where you need to tap for you. Now, when you are satisfied, draw Save Changes. If you want to go there, choose your friends.

  • Do not Reveal your age

We're like it. Maybe for some security or some personal purposes. For your profile, open Facebook and tap “Edit Profile”, it will be below your name. There will be a section called as about in page middle. Choose Contact and Basic Information, and there will be a DOB. Little bit line A up Tap it by using a drop-down arrow.

Click here for the drop-down arrow. Select among Public, only me and custom. If you want to tap Save Changes. Secure your privacy. Your information will not be misused by now.

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