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7 марта 2019 г. 22:25

Guide to Stoping iMessage Notifications on Mac

You can use iMessage. From your laptop. You need your iPhone for communication. However, owning an iMessage is really useful on Mac. It can be annoying if you continuously receive new messages notifications. It can be a significant issue. Don't worry, go through this article.

iMessage is an amazing built-in app that comes along with the Apple device. It gets activated. It is the most fantastic app for users. Although it comes to privacy. For example, what’s your opinion?

These weird scenarios

  1. Go to the messages.
  2. Choose the Preferences option.
  3. You will be taken to a different window.
  4. In the very left-hand topmost edge, you will see another option.
  5. You can manage your accounts through this function.
  6. Choose the Account, and you will use it on your MacBook.
  7. Just manage all the accounts from here only.
  8. Choose the iMessage account.
  9. Now unclick the Enable this account.
  10. It will deactivate iMessage account on MacBook Pro.
  11. You can sign out.
  12. You will be confronted with a pop-up.
  13. Sign on button and finalize the process.

If you’re on a MacBook, you’re not signed up for MacBook, you can’t use it again. If you’re not in use, you can’t use it. This confirmation will make sure you have a disabled notification of the message. iMessages will not be accessible by those who have no password. It can help the private person.

If you have to remove it, please note.

  1. Tap on the Apple icon.
  2. You will be presented with a list of functions.
  3. Choose System Preference.
  4. There will be another menu for software and hardware options.
  5. Choose Notification on the menu.
  6. Tap on the Messages.
  7. You will find the scrolling down menu.
  8. Under the message alert sign, just choose None.

You can manage your notifications with this action. Although you can’t have information on screen now.

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SOURCE- https://jack1blogs.wordpress.com/2019/03/07/guide-to-stoping-imessage-notifications-on-mac/

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