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17 января  2021 г. 11:08

What fault does Gree air conditioner display on E3? How to repair it?

The E3 code meaning of Gree household air conditioner is: system low voltage protection. It means that the low pressure protector of the air conditioner detects that the pressure in the refrigeration system of the air conditioner is lower than the normal value. It can also be said that the air conditioning motherboard judges that the system is "short of fluorine / refrigerant" according to the pressure data (of course, the low-pressure protector and circuit fault are not ruled out).





E3 maintenance of Gree air conditioner


So how to repair Gree E3 fault? No matter what fault we are going to repair, we should first understand the cause of the fault and the flow of low-pressure data detected by air conditioner. This is a qualified maintenance personnel should have the necessary quality. Many maintenance personnel in the market, maintenance E3 fault is simply short circuit low voltage protector. It's irresponsible. This operation can easily lead to the expansion of air conditioning failure, and even serious accidents (especially R32 refrigerant). Today, we will talk about the low pressure detection process of Gree air conditioner. Similar to other brands of air conditioners, it can be used as a reference




E3 detection process of Gree air conditioner: the data on the low pressure side of the outdoor unit is continuously detected within 3 minutes after the air conditioner compressor is started (usually based on the on-off judgment of the low pressure protector). If the low pressure switch is continuously detected to be off within 3 minutes, the whole air conditioner stops running, and the fault indicator light flashes / or displays E3 to remind users or maintenance personnel that the system low pressure is abnormal.




Note: too long time in the process of collecting fluorine / refrigerant will also show that E3 is normal.




The common causes of E3 failure are: 1. 2. Low pressure sensor failure. 3. Signal line fault. 4. Main board failure.




E3 troubleshooting method:




1. Fluorine deficiency fault: it needs to be detected by pressure gauge. Lower than normal is fluoride deficiency. You need to check the leakage and add refrigerant




2. Low voltage sensor fault: after forced operation, if the pressure is normal, the refrigeration and heating are normal, and the low voltage sensor is in the open circuit state (the terminal can be pulled out, and the on-off can be measured with the ohm gear or the buzzer gear of the multimeter), it is basically a sensor fault. It needs to be replaced and fluorinated.





Gree air conditioning sensor


3. The line fault is also more common, usually in the old air conditioner. The low-voltage signal line is close to the copper tube, and the vibration and friction during the operation of the air conditioner cause the line open circuit.




4. Motherboard failure, generally the probability of external motherboard is high. If the sensor terminal is connected. The air conditioner still reports E3, which is almost the main board fault.




Well, today about Gree air conditioner E3 fault talk so much, interested can pay attention to me. More information about home appliance maintenance and use can be found on our homepage. Hope the information can help you.

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