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12 сентября 2020 г. 11:47


What is the cause of central air conditioning outlet dripping? How to solve it?




In the hot summer, whether indoor or outdoor, the temperature is very high, which makes people unbearable. Air conditioning is installed in every household of our family, and now there is central air conditioning in public places. Air conditioning not only brings cool and refreshing to the summer, but also improves work efficiency. Then careful users will observe that the central air conditioning outlet will drip? What is the problem? Then what is the cause of central air conditioning outlet dripping? How to solve the central air conditioning outlet dripping? Next, I will introduce the causes and solutions of central air conditioning outlet dripping.




What is the cause of dripping water at the outlet of central air conditioning




1. The air humidity in the air outlet area of central air conditioning is relatively high.




2. The insulation was not done well. The air outlet materials of central air conditioning mainly include wood material, aluminum alloy material and ABS material. Due to the high cost performance and moderate price, many families use aluminum alloy material tuyere. However, it should be noted that in summer, when cooling, the air supply temperature is too low and the insulation is not done well, the aluminum alloy material outlet is easy to produce condensation.




3. Central air conditioning installation company did not install in place. If the central air conditioner is not installed in place, the connection of the four walls of the vent is not smooth and not sealed, causing dripping phenomenon, and a series of other problems are easy to occur.




4. Poor drainage. Due to the aging and relaxation of the drainage pipe or bending into wave shape, the drainage is not smooth. Or, the drain pipe leading to the outdoor is blocked artificially or the drain outlet is blocked by stolen goods, resulting in the condensation water can not be discharged.








1. Change the material of air outlet. There are three kinds of air outlet materials, such as wood air outlet, aluminum alloy air outlet and ABS air outlet. Among them, the wooden tuyere is the most difficult to condense, but the cost is high, and it is easy to get moldy; the aluminum alloy tuyere is the most easy to dew, but it is cost-effective and durable; the ABS tuyere is also not easy to condense, but it is easy to turn yellow after a long time; therefore, there is no perfect tuyere at present, so the user should consider which material to choose.




2. When using the air conditioner, close the doors and windows to keep the room dry. Because when the indoor air conditioning is turned on, if the door is opened too frequently, the outdoor wet air will mix in, and the central air conditioning outlet temperature is low, which is easy to produce condensation.




3. When the central air conditioning outlet drips water, the user can adjust the air outlet temperature of the air conditioner. The outlet air temperature is high and the temperature difference is small. The water vapor in the air is not easy to condense, which can also reduce the condensation, but the comfort is reduced.




4. If the air conditioning temperature is raised and the air outlet of central air conditioner is still dripping, the air outlet wind speed of the air conditioner can be adjusted to the maximum. The high wind speed at the air outlet can accelerate the evaporation of condensation dew, and achieve a dynamic balance between condensation and evaporation, so as to reduce the condensation and dripping of water at the air outlet.




If the air conditioner has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that it will break down. Some faults we need to call the maintenance center, but more often we just need to learn some theoretical knowledge, some simple faults can be solved by ourselves. We know that after learning the theoretical knowledge of one thing, we can better use it. The above is the central air conditioning outlet drip reasons and solutions in detail, I hope to help you in the future use of central air conditioning outlet drip.

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