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19 августа 2020 г. 11:37

How to do if you haven't taken a basin for a long time?

We all know that sunflower is very easy to survive after planting, and can often see it in the outdoor, roadside flower beds, parks are able to appear its figure. The main maintenance of the sun flower for a long time has not taken the basin, then how should we deal with it?





According to the picture provided by the subject, many leaves in it began to droop their heads, which is indeed a case of not taking a basin. I don't know if the subject has timely replenished the sunflower when he is on the basin. Because after the sunflower is in the pot, we must add a lot of water, because the weather is also relatively hot at this time, this way can let the soil and roots contact as soon as possible.





At the same time, the sunflower after the pot should be put in a cool and ventilated environment, which can not be exposed to the sun as usual. Because there is no pot, the water absorption capacity of the root is relatively poor, if it is exposed to the sun, the root may be burned, and it is difficult to recover and absorb water.


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