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26 августа 2020 г. 10:20

How to install the metal hose?

Although the metal hose can be compressed or stretched, if it is not installed in the correct position, it will break quickly and reduce its service life.

The hose can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The most ideal state is vertical installation. At the same time, it should be avoided near the wheel, and baffles can be installed if necessary.

Generally, metal hoses can be divided into three types of lengths: the first type is the compressed length, which is the length when the hose is compressed to the limit position; the second type is the installation length, which is the middle position of the half of the maximum displacement The length of the hose; the third type is the stretched length, the length of the hose when it is stretched to the maximum limit.

When installing the hose, the hose should be in the middle position, the so-called installation length. When installed in this position, the hose can have two moving directions when subjected to axial load. Otherwise, if it can only move in one direction, it will affect the strength of the metal hose and reduce its service life.

In the actual installation process, considering that the use of a ruler to measure the length of the hose according to the calculation result before installation may affect production efficiency, some foreign manufacturers install the ruler directly on the hose and cut the ruler after installation.

1. When selecting metal hoses, for ease of installation, please use metal hoses with loose flanges at one end as much as possible.

2. The surface of the metal hose should be protected during electric welding at the construction site to prevent welding slag and arc ignition from burning the metal hose.

3. It is strictly forbidden to twist and install the metal hose.

4. There should be no bends along the root of the metal hose and no dead bends.

5. The medium to be passed must not be corrosive to the corrugated pipe material, and the chloride ion content in the medium should be ≤25PPM

6. Strictly install the installation as shown in the correct installation method.

7. It is strictly forbidden to damage the flange sealing surface mechanically.


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