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15 мая 2019 г. 12:47

Bounty Hunter Rework

Two years ago, the Bounty of Hunter was announced at RuneFest. There was a message from the audience who met the bounty hunter players. Taking away some bounty hunter alterations. Buy Rs Gold  on the official web site.

Mod Gambit has been used by the Bounty Hunter Rework posts and planning. It would be possible to follow up on a new Bounty Hunter system. There are some recent treatments and potential treatments. From there, we're heading in the right direction. Based on your design site.

He doesn't want to help. This is not fixes. We want to get it right. We appreciate your hunger.

While we are looking at the Bounty Hunter design blog, below:

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Midnight game time frame.

BH Worlds (1-10 Wilderness) Disable Box Traps, Shoots, Bird Snares, and Cannons from 1 Snares, and Cannons. This is to stop the disruptive behavior within BH. If you want to improve your PvP across the board.


Cosmetic Reward Shop Additions: As the rune pouch can now be obtained via Slayer, there aren't any unique rewards for participating in BH. We want to create some unique cosmetics such as a hat or cape to signify elite status within BH and encourage more players to participate. These are just suggestions and we are open to more feedback from you about rewards to include in this potential shop.


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