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14 июня 2018 г. 12:29

Construction uses


Main post: Dungeoneering/Construction

There are six purposes of Construction in Daemonheim:

Changing the group gatestone website in the start room

Fixing door frames to progress further in the dungeon

Fixing damaged barrels that need to be pushed

Fixing support beams to prevent boulders from falling

Repairing damaged bridges with carved keystones

Building a bridge across the chasm from wooden cedar planksБез названия

Herblore Habitat

Construction performs a small role in Herblore Habitat. Environment features are made using construction to help entice different types of jadinkos that can be trapped using the Hunter skill.


A player wearing a Structure cape (t) and doing the Skillcape emote.

Structure hood Construction cape Structure cape (t) Main write-up: Construct. cape

Players diagnosed with achieved 99 Construction may well purchase the Construction cape via any estate agent. The emote shows the player building a property around themselves.


When the release of God Around the, several players found along with exploited a bug inside system, gaining over 58, 000, 000 Construction expertise in just under an hour; the strategy was unknown, though some of the people players achieved 200 , 000, 000 experience in Construction. A sizable portion of those players were being banned, but a few continue being unknown.

All member knowledge are now free-to-play until levels 5. However , because player-owned houses are members-only, cost-free players can only gain Structure experience using experience lighting fixtures, by deploying Toy supérieur battleships or previously throughout the Bird and the Beast entire world event.

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