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17 декабря 2021 г. 10:15

Several young people died one af...

Depression, presumably 微笑抑鬱症測試 familiar with it; smile depression, I don’t know if your friends have heard of one. Smile depression is extremely deceptive and it is deeply hidden, and people in the surrounding environment think it will not be aware of it. In the daytime, or in front of outsiders, this kind of people will behave normally, normal social interactions, and normal work communication, just like ordinary people. But when I learn about China at night, or when I am alone, it is often manifested as a kind of depression, listlessness, and feeling like life is boring, and even fatigue. Such people tend to be very disguised and dangerous.

Smiling depression affects patients to pretend again, and they can also show signs of activity in their usual speech and behavior. This happened last week. A development I taught is to call him classmate Liu. He scored relatively low on the entrance education psychology test, and he was on the verge of depression in China. Last week, during the break between classes, I had a conversation with my classmate Liu at the same table. I said how can you be so excited about them. Classmate Liu’s tablemate said that I will go home by myself when I sleep in two more countries (to add to the analysis, we need most of the school teachers to live on campus). It was Wednesday. By saying that the ability is to sleep for two nights on Wednesday and Thursday, and you can go home on Friday. This classmate said that when he spoke, he was full of joy and spirit. I immediately said, according to your reasoning, I would sleep for more than a month and have winter vacation. This classmate was happier, and he was right. At this time, classmate Liu (who tends to be depressed) immediately went on to say based on our topic, that if you sleep for a few more years, you will die. His deskmate didn't really care about what he said, and continued to chat with me. From this inadvertent answer, it is obvious that the child's heart is not perfect enough in the process, and he always likes to think about the dark side when thinking about problems. Of course, if these children can't just talk about negative emotion management occasionally, they don't have to be so nervous. If you find that your child is always depressed because of the person who talks, then for children like our country, the teacher, as the parent, must be careful, actively and correctly guide, and should not be ignored.

Caring for the growth of minors, parents can not just focus on the scores of academic performance. When a child gets sick by himself, parents think that the child only needs to develop healthily. But once they find that the child is well, the parents forget everything and pursue teaching achievements as always, ignoring the children's psychological and social health. Hurry up and combine actions, make friends with your children, and talk to each other.

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