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14 сентября 2021 г. 14:02

What is postpartum urine oozing?

postpartum urination refers to the fetus produced by a woman during the birth process. Under the condition of unconsciousness, there will be urine leakage, or there will always be a feeling of urine, and the need to go to the toilet. What's more embarrassing is that even the daily routines of coughing, laughing, 產後尿滲, exercising, and going up the stairs will leak urine for no reason, make them smelly, and make the lower body soaked, which makes many women greatly distressed.

The key cause of postpartum urine leakage

It's about female anatomy. The main cause of postpartum urine leakage is the relaxation of the "pelvic floor muscles" composed of the inner pelvic fascia, pelvic fascia and perineum. The pelvic floor muscles act as a net that 產後尿滲 the bladder, urethra, vagina, uterus, and rectum, extending back from the pubic bone to the tailbone.

However, when the fetus passes through the birth canal during pregnancy and childbirth, the urethra and bladder are subject to tremendous pressure. This may cause damage to the pelvic floor muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Eventually, the entire pelvic floor will relax and shrink, which will affect normal operations and cause urine to leak out.

Is postpartum urine related to vaginal relaxation?

Most of the biggest problems of these two women are concentrated together. Vaginal laxity refers to the relaxation of the "pelvic floor muscles", and at the same time, the development of the muscles around the vagina loses its elasticity, which causes the vagina to widen. The reason is the same as that of postpartum urine leakage.

In addition to vaginal relaxation, there will also be problems such as dryness and poor appearance, and there is a great chance of causing uncoordinated sexual life. When both parties have sex, they may not experience the sweeter feelings they had in the past, which will eventually lead to a breakdown in the relationship and a marriage crisis. Therefore, we must also pay attention to this issue.

How to solve postpartum urine leakage and vaginal relaxation? Combination of exercise and treatment

After understanding the causes of the two problems, it became clear that I knew that the killer was the relaxation of the "pelvic floor muscles", then we could prescribe the right medicine!

For women with first-degree or second-degree postpartum urine penetration, they can actually improve their urine penetration through daily exercise. The most recommended one is "pelvic floor muscle exercise" (Kegel Exercise), also known as "Kegel Exercise" ". Daily muscle training and contraction exercises will effectively strengthen the pelvic floor muscle strength, improve the ability of the intervertebral disc cavity, and ultimately treat urinary system problems.

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