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21 января  2020 г. 11:53

Some prophecies that related to PoE Currency

Perhaps there is still some risks in buying Poe currency. Therefore, if you find a website you can trust, there may not be such a risk.

Some of my friends bought these coins and asked to be graded in VHPG , because he didn't have much time to play every day, but he wanted to get good results in this game, so he chose to join the website. Purchase.

Don't worry, VHPG 's manual service is more suitable for you than all the websites where robots process your orders. Even if you want a refund in the middle, the customer service of the website will process your order as soon as possible.

Some prophecies of Poe currency

Unbearable whispers

This may be more annoying, but you will get used to it through practice. As usual, please do it in the map as much as possible. There are two parts you need to go to the lab. Parts 1 and 2 are annoying, a little long, 3-4 fast. Part 5, combined with two enchantments, can accomplish two things at a time.

The two magic

If you start to have a lot of coins, you can get the ideal result through spam prediction. You'll get too many of these and sell them to raise more coins.

Valuable portfolio

I don't believe in making a mess recipe, but if you start doing it early, it's best to try to turn it on when you hand in the mess recipe.

Jeweler's touch

Don't sell it, use it on any decent unique item to significantly increase its value. If you get together as early as possible with some very ideal unique items like one of these bows and arrows, and then you connect the jeweler's technique with it, you will get considerable profits. Even in the future, you can continue to use it for value enhancement in terms of decent value uniqueness.

Unique destiny in general

Learn what's worth it. Some will bring you some confusion, some will give you 200C profit to run. Similarly, the feel of a jeweler is a great addition to a valuable unique treasure.

Kill something, it will drop some uniqueness

Many predictions like this are worth making in the early days. Especially in the early days. Like me, it's a godsend for you to practice your level if you have wanderlust within the first hour of resetting. But now, if I scroll through a table of predictions, I'll sell that prediction because I don't want to spend time getting it. Interestingly, the sales speed of this prediction is much faster than that of tabulation, which will cause some additional confusion! But all of these can provide you with so many cool products in the early days. Later, with the exception of a few, doomed uniqueness and random and unique discarding predictions are hardly worth doing. But again, it's still a profit to run them or to sell them, although in most cases it's not a big profit. But, yes, it's great to reset the day, scroll through a table, travel addict, face breaker or goldrim prophecy. But you can also scroll some very ideal files, such as "lost in the pages", which is very valuable.

The dome of the queen

If you use this unique map to run atziri and make a small extra profit, don't forget to take on this prediction, I find it better to sell it than to run yourself.

God of misery

It often appears and will reward you with 3 fuses in a short period of time. Check from WP, 3 rocks on the floor will show the direction of advance. Follow this direction to obtain 3 fuses. It's not worth your time in the future, but maybe. It's not a huge profit, but it's three fuses in 30 seconds.


A perfect combination of hidden labyrinth paths, Erasmus gifts and plague I. Kill the boss in the labyrinth side area (bag fragment in the map equipment ), and it will drop the labyrinth orb . I used many of them to destroy my map earlier.

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