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10 января  2022 г. 11:09

Six common online payment method...

1.Credit card collection

Cross-border e-commerce website can be based on collaboration with Visa, MasterCard and other MasterCard credit card institutions, or immediately collaborate with foreign banks to enable the acceptance of foreign banks credit card spending port number.

Application areas: websites and individual B2Cs engaged in cross-border e-commerce retailing. at this stage, the world's top five well-known brands of bank credit cards Visa, MasterCard, AmericaExpress, Jcb, Dinersclub, the first two of which are commonly used by the majority of people.


Paypal is more similar to Alipay wallet and has a high international reputation, and is a common payment method for many customers in China. It allows the migration of funds among customers who apply e-mail to mark their real identity.

Application areas: cross-border e-commerce retail industry, a few dozen to several hundred dollars of small loans to buy and sell more cost-effective.

Interest rate:: (ebay service platform) 2.9% ~ 3.9%; (other service platform or traditional export foreign trade) 3.4% ~ 1.4%

Fees: No account opening fees and service fees; 0.3$ per single deduction for bank system software occupancy fees; 35$ per single deduction for cash withdrawal to mainland banks in US dollars; 1.2% service fee per single withdrawal to mainland banks in RMB.


Security factor: We have professional risk management and fraud prevention system software Cashshield, and 100% compensation in case of fraud. Reduce the refund rate, best payment gateway for international transactions customer profitability, material data information more secure.

Features: security, rapid, effective interest rates, PCIDSS standard, is a multi-channel integrated payment gateway.

Interest rate: 2.5%

Fees: no account opening fees and service fees; no cash withdrawal service fees and additional fees.


Security factor: Login with the shape of the data for the login procedures to avoid automated technology login process to attack your account; only high security - 128-bit data encryption national standards apply.

Fees: Free of charge, a small amount will be deducted for cash withdrawals. Uploading funds from the bank is completely free; uploading funds from the bank credit card, 3%; issuing benefits, 1% (until 0.50); withdrawing funds to the bank, fixed immovable fee 1.80; withdrawing funds according to the bank draft, fixed immovable fee 3.50.

5. Payoneer

Payoneer is an online payment company headquartered in New York. The key project is to assist its partners in distributing funds to the whole world, while at the same time giving US banks/European banks collection accounts for users worldwide to accept trade accounts from e-commerce platforms and companies in Europe and America.

Advantages: Convenient and fast, Chinese identity documents can be used for Payoneer account online application registration, and fully automatic association with U.S. bank accounts and European bank accounts; compliance management, like European and American companies to accept money remittance from European and American companies, and according to the collaboration between Payoneer and Chinese payment companies for online foreign exchange declaration and purchase of foreign exchange; cost-effective, wire transfer set to the top price per pen, RMB purchase of foreign exchange is no more than 2%.

Application areas: cross-border e-commerce websites or merchants with small credit amount per fund but with a wide customer base.


ClickandBuy is a separate third-party payment company that will receive money in 3-4 working days after receiving a remittance determination from ClickandBuy. If a customer chooses to send money under ClickandBuy, he/she can withdraw it under ClickandBuy. The economic developer reserves the right to choose refunds according to ClickandBuy.

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