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13 сентября 2021 г. 07:59

Three main factors for choosing ...

The UK is one of the most popular places to study abroad, and more and more high school students also want to study in the UK. So, when high school students want to meet the requirements of studying in the UK, what should they pay attention to? The following Tiandao editor will give you a detailed introduction.

British secondary schools only admit 移民英國 students under the third grade, so Chinese high school students must apply to study in the UK, and they can only be third-year graduates, first-year and second-year students.

If high school graduates want to apply to a British high school, they need to be demoted. Students can only apply for grade 12 in the UK. They still need a year of upper-level courses, so time is money!

Language conditions:

To apply for a high school in the UK, students are generally required to have an 家居保 score of 80 or more. For junior high school graduates applying for British grade 10 (high one) students, they need to reach IELTS 4.5, while high school and high school students need to reach IELTS 5.5. .

Comprehensive requirements:

Studying in a high school in the UK also 移民英國準備 a certain amount of guarantee funds from the student's family. Generally, a guarantee fund of 300,000 RMB is required for studying in the UK, mainly to prove that the student's family can afford the cost of studying in a high school in the UK.

parents and students should choose a school for students to study abroad from various perspectives such as the management professional curriculum, the quality of teaching work, the cost of studying abroad, the geographical location and the difficulty of application, plus some students are older, language and information communication, ability Not strong, there will be a certain degree of resistance to students psychologically.

At this time, parents should communicate with their children and tell them that this is a normal phenomenon through this difficult British student trip, and don't look tired of learning and resisting.

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