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26 октября 2020 г. 16:03

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends – Top Build for Assassin

The ultimate game Ghost of Tsushima is packed with various weapons, armors, and moves. The game earned a fantastic response just after the launch, and most of the fans got too attached to the Assassin Class. Developers added the multiplayer mode after the game was fully launched. There is plenty of playstyle in the game that players can use in the multiplayer mode.

The assassin class is the most unique and typical type of playstyle. The great thing about Assassin Class is that it deals with ultimate damage even on the bigger enemies. Samurai Class is a special class that players prefer to play among several classes, but it can’t compete with Assassin Class in terms of damage. So here are the best techniques and load-outs that you can use in Assassin Class.


In the category of weapons, the best weapon for Assassin Class is Katana with a water stance. Players can find multiple stances during their adventure, and it’s fine to use until they obtain the water stance.


A blowgun is a perfect option for Assassin Class because it can be utilized and applied as an extra stagger source. Its hallucination darts can turn any type of opponent into an ally in combat.


You can try out any stealth charm that reduces the cooldown for assassination kill. Through this move allows the players to target a large number of enemies. 

Ghost Weapon 

This category is essential for the players during the combat. Ghost weapons could be anything from the legendary items, like kunai. Since players have multiple options to choose a ghost weapon, they should try the smoke bomb as their secondary weapon. During the battle, players should stay in invisibility cloaks that clear out the big number of enemies. 


Super Strike: It allows the players to trigger a powerful stealth attack that deals double damage instead of normal assassination damage.

Toxic Vanish: It allows the players to vanish in a poisonous smoke cloud and deal stagger damage on foes.

Chain Vanish: After killing an opponent in a single hit, players will be allowed to vanish a second time, and it will also reset the cooldowns.

Opportunist: Through this technique, players will deal 50% additional damage to stagger the foes.

Through the entire techniques and weapons, players will be able to clear the enemies quickly. There are plenty of powerful enemies available in the game, but to clear powerful enemies, Assassin Class is perfect.


Ghost of Tsushima is a well-known game that earned popularity because of its gameplay, graphics, storyline, and content. It is necessary for beginners to play story mode because that’s the best way to unlock new armors, techniques, and weapons. In the multiplayer mode, players have a battle against other opponents that require proper techniques and skills. 

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Source: Legends Ghost of Tsushima

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