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26 октября 2020 г. 15:43

Fortnite: Locate and Collect all Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks

For Fortnite players, finding and collecting Floating Rings is not something new. Epic Games launches weekly challenges every week, but collecting Floating Rings challenges doesn’t arrive with every weekly challenge. Now it’s Season 4 Week 9, where players have the task to collect Floating Rings. Floating Rings’ location never stays the same, so now players have to hunt down every Floating Ring and add them to the collection. Currently, Floating Rings are at Steamy Stacks, and there are a total of five of them.

To hunt every single Floating Ring, firstly, players have to make their way to Steamy Stacks. It is located at the northeast corner of the map. After arriving there, players have to locate every Floating Ring. So here is the detail of every location where you can find Floating Rings.

Floating Rings Locations at Steamy Stacks

  1. Finding the first Floating Ring is nowhere tough. It is located at the peak of a vertical metal pole. You simply need to reach a building on the west side to locate the first Floating ring. You can glide there directly to obtain the ring.
  2. The second Floating Ring is located on a horizontal pipe along with the exterior of a building. Because of the pipes’ structure, players have to use gliders and construct a ramp to get to the Floating Ring.
  3. To get the third ring, they have to reach an east side building on Steamy Stacks. After entering the building, you must get to the ceiling point.
  4. The fourth Floating Ring is also inside a building. However, this time, players have to focus on the center structure of the Steamy Stacks. Specifically, you need to enter a huge room of the building, and there you’ll find another ring right below the yellow claw.
  5. The last and final ring is at the outermost ledge on the west side of Steamy Stacks.

There are the exact locations of Week 7 Floating Rings. After collecting all five floating rings, you will receive a total of 25,000 XP. For a mission like collecting Floating Rings, it is a huge amount. However, there are many more missions available this week. If you are looking to grind XP quickly, weekly challenges are the best thing you can rely on.

Every week Fortnite offers new weekly challenges for the players to earn XP, but it is not the only way to earn XP. If you check your XP status properly, then you’ll find that Fortnite is offering XP for more activities like opening chests, unlocking skins, playing daily, and much more.


Season 4 Week 9 is also offering some Halloween challenges where players have to eat candies and become a Shadow. These challenges are re-launched, and players who have played these challenges before are now excited to play it once again. By completing all weekly challenges, players can easily grind a huge amount of XP to unlock special skins. 

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Source: Fortnite Collect all Floating Rings

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