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21 октября 2020 г. 19:41

How to Clean All the Stains in Genshin Impact

RPG games are the top choice of the gamers these days. Following this, miHoYo has unleashed their new video game known as Genshin Impact in the RPG lineup. The game was released on 28th September 2020, and within a few days, it has acquired the attention of numerous gamers. The real credit for this immense success must go to the fantastic storyline, advanced graphics, and rare objective that has succeeded in intriguing the gamers. Furthermore, there are a series of small quests available in Genshin Impact that are quite enticing to gamers. One of these small quests requires the players to clean all the stains in Genshin Impact.

Although the quest is quite simple to accomplish; however, various gamers over social media and Genshin Impact support are stating that they are facing difficulty in completing this task. Therefore, we have provided below a proper workaround to clean all stains in Genshin Impact. If you are facing a problem in completing this quest, then read the guide written below.

How to Clean All the Stains in Genshin Impact

First, gamers need to know that there are various aspects of Genshin Impact, including side quests. The task of cleaning of all stains is linked to a side quest known as Cleanup at Dawn. This side quest’s real motive is to help the maid clean the Winery at Mondstadt after it has been hit by a storm. Now, there aren’t any specific criteria for cleaning these stains; thus, players can clean them in any way they want.

The gamers’ first task is to visit the Winery, and they need to ensure that they have brought a necessary character type along with them. The ideal character for this job is Barbera because she possesses water skills. Once players have reached this point, in the following process, they need to press the E key. Afterwards, they will start witnessing the efficiency of Barbera in cleaning. After a few minutes, players will receive a notification stating that the corresponding small quests are completed.


The article contains information on the small quest of Genshin Impact. In this article, we have briefed about the quest required from the gamers to clean all the stains in Genshin Impact. Assuming that you have a Hydro character or Barbara, then you just have to approach the stains and make use of the water abilities or attacks. We hope that all the gamers who have read this article will succeed in completing this quest.

Gamers can play Genshin Impact on PS4PC, and Mobile.

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Source: Clean All the Stains in Genshin Impact

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