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19 октября 2020 г. 15:36

Genshin Impact: Locate the Wolfhook

Genshin Impact is the type of game where players have to focus on exploration a lot. Some players might don’t know, but they have to stop close to every flower and pick it. To upgrade the characters and weapons, it is a necessary procedure that players have to follow. Resources in Genshin Impact play a major role, and the best way to obtain them is to explore the world. Some of the certain resources help some certain characters, and they help to make the character powerful.

Similarly, the Wolfhook is a type of plant that helps the player upgrade the character like Razor. However, finding this specific plant is not easy. Special resources consume time and effort to find. So if you don’t know the location of Wolfhook, here is the guide that will help you locate it quickly.

Locate the Wolfhook in Genshin Impact

Remember that Wolfhook doesn’t grow anywhere on the map. However, you can find it easily at Mondstadt. You can go there through teleportation and move towards the curved path until you meet a small enemy camp. After dealing with the small enemies, just move towards the mountain, and look for the small purple flowers. These flowers usually appear under the big bushes.

Once you collect plenty of these flowers near the enemy camp, move ahead on your path and investigate the incoming sparkles from the bushes. Because of the heavy bushes, the area will be more dangerous and dense as you go. It will be pretty tough to locate the Wolfhook, so move to the surrounding areas and search there. You’ll find plenty of Wolfhook plants close to the Pyro statue, but you have to check that area correctly. 

If checked correctly, you’ll probably find a total of ten or more Wolfhook plants on that site. This place is worth visiting because you can find more Wolfhook for future use. Every time you get there, you’ll find plenty of Wolfhook plants there.

If you don’t have time to explore or any other reason, you can simply purchase them too. In the game, there’s a vendor named Chloris. This vendor sells a limited amount of Wolfhook that is close to the Windrise. Remember that you can’t get much Wolfhook from the vendor, so ultimately, you have to search for them in the future. In a single trip, you can get more than 10 Wolfhook.


Razor is a powerful character that possesses some incredible abilities. However, without upgrading the character, it is impossible to reveal their real strength. For Razor, the Wolfhook plant is essential, and that’s why players should have enough of Wolfhook for the upgrade.

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Source: Genshin Impact: Locate the Wolfhook

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