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16 октября 2020 г. 21:03

A Guide to Obtain a Domain Name for a Website

If you are looking to earn some profit from the web world, the first thing you will need is a website. A website marks your presence on the internet and provides you an opportunity to generate revenue through advertisements or some other business models. To ensure the maximum profit from a website, you will need good traffic on it, and the traffic of a website depends on various factors. A catchy address or a domain name is one such thing that guides the traffic to your website. You can obtain a domain for your website by registering it with a reliable ICANN accredited domain registrar. Every domain name comes at a price, and at times the availability of a domain name can also be an issue. All these things together make the process of obtaining a domain name look complicated, but we have got you covered. In this article, we will elaborate on the process of obtaining a domain name for your website in easy steps. Let’s scroll down and understand the process of getting a domain name for a website.


Before you proceed with the process of obtaining a domain name, it is essential to have a catchy domain name in your mind. Closeness with the keywords associated with your business, freshness, uniqueness, and timelessness are some features of the right domain name for a successful website. Once you have chosen a good domain name for your website, here is the process to follow to get it registered. 

The very first step of obtaining a domain name is to check the availability of a domain name that you have chosen for your business. You can check the availability of a domain name by using the domain checker tools available online. Usually, websites like Hostinger, GoDaddy, or other popular web hosting services have their domain checker tools. If the domain name you are trying to use for your website is already taken, you can try using a different domain extension such as .xyz, .net, .org, or make some smaller changes in the domain name to make it unique. A good domain checker tool will automatically suggest the closest alternatives to the domain name you are trying to take and is not available. You can choose any of the available domain names whichever you like, and you will be ready for the next step.

The next step in the process of obtaining a domain name is to buy the domain name you have chosen. You will be able to buy the domain name by paying the price of that domain to the web hosting service you are using. After completing the transaction, the next step is to get the domain name registered. It will require your basic details, such as name and address, to complete the process of registration. These details are stored in WHOIS, which is the official domain ownership database. 

After finishing the registration, the last step is to verify the ownership of your new domain. It can be verified easily using the email address you have used to register your domain. After finishing the verification, your website will become visible on the internet within 24 to 72 hours.

Obtaining a domain name for your website has become easy as all the formalities get done over the internet. However, if you are trying to obtain a domain name for a website for the first time, it might look like a complicated process. In this article, We have elaborated on how you can obtain a domain name for your website, and you can follow these easy steps when needed.

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Source: Obtain a Domain Name for a Website

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