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15 октября 2020 г. 20:29

Best ES File Explorer Alternatives

If you are a regular Android user, then you must be aware of the ES File Explorer. ES File Manager is an all-in-one file manager with multiple features. From managing your applications to task killing, ES File Explorer can do numerous things for you. But for privacy-conscious people, ES File Explorer is not an ideal choice. The ES File Explorer may contain bloatware and spyware that can harm your privacy. But there are some other applications available which you can use in place of ES File Explorer.

In this article, we will mention some of the best alternatives of ES File Explorer, which you can use to manage your device better:

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is not as famous as File Explorer, but it comes with the same features like cloud support, network sharing, and many more. It can also hide and encrypt files and folders. Another significant part of Solid Explorer is its dual-pane multitasking feature. It segments your screen into a landscape mode for easy drag and drops function. Solid Explorer also supports major plugins for added functionalities.  

Files by Google

Files by Google is a simple yet efficient file manager with multiple features. Primarily it was launched as a light-weight file manager for Android, but later because of the addition to numerous features, it became one of the most recommended file managers.

Files by Google comes up with similar functions as the ES File Explorer app, like storage cleaning, a share feature that enables you to transfer files and folders hassle-free between two Android devices. Files by Google also allows you to sort your files according to various parameters like name, date, and size.


MiXplorer is one of the most feature-filled alternatives of ES File Explorer. It comes with an easy to use yet modern interface with multiple features like creating tabs, multitasking with files and folders. You can easily switch between two tasks, all thanks to its dual-panel feature. It supports various file formats and comes with additional functionalities like zipping/unzipping files, password management, run ePUB files, and more.

FX File Explorer

The FX File Explorer shares the same functionalities as of ES File Explorer. FX File Explorer comes with multiple functionalities like increase/decrease the size of folders, accessibility of major file types, gesture support, visual support, app management, and more. It also splits your screen for easy drag and drops support. The FX File Explorer is free to use and comes with multiple add-ons. Other notable features of FX File Explorer are cloud sync support, no ads, cleaning tools, theme support, root access, categorization, FTP/SMB support, and multiple features.


Every Android user needs an efficient file manager to manage their phone more effectively. File ES Explorer is a feature-rich file manager, but it can harm your privacy. To have a more privacy-oriented approach for your phone’s file management, you can use the apps mentioned above. These applications are the best alternatives for ES File Explorer. They all are feature-rich apps with similar functions and functionalities as of ES File Explorer.

Hi, I’m Kinsley. I’m a web developer living in Pontiac, USA. I am a fan of web development, programming, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in innovation. You can read my blog with a click on the button above. easymzon.com

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