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15 октября 2020 г. 20:14

All the Trailers Lined Up for This Year and Early 2021

This year, as we all were bound to stay home to prevent the virus from spreading, most of us have resorted to movies and series to spend the day. Video-on-demand has seen an upsurge in the number of active users, which means everyone had plenty of time to finish their never-ending watchlist. If you feel like you’ve watched every possible thing and there’s nothing exciting left to watch, then you are probably right. But a few trailer releases are coming up your way that will certainly excite you. If you plan to watch something fresh, then you must check out the following trailers and add the ones you like to your watchlist.


The West Wing Special

If you are a West Wing fan, this reunion will warm your heart and excite you about the recreation. The West Wing cast will be reuniting on stage to recreate the 2002 episode titled ‘Hartsfield’s Landing.’ The original show earned praises ever since its initial release. They will recreate the scene to raise awareness for the nonpartisan voter participation organization When We All Vote. You will see most of the original cast participating in this cause. Also, Ex-President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Ex-President Clinton, and Lin-Manuel Miranda will appear as special guests. It will premiere on HBO Max on 15th October.

A Teacher

A Teacher is a drama miniseries that features the story of an illegal relationship between a teacher named Claire and her teenage student, Eric. After their lives intertwine with each other, their connection grows. Soon their relationship or illicit affair catches the limelight, and their family and friends get involved in their lives. A Teacher will premiere on Hulu’s FX on 10th November.

The Stand

The Stand is a series based on the novel of the same name written by Stephen King, and it was first published in 1978. The story’s plot revolves around a human-made virus called ‘Captain Tricks,’ that wreaks havoc all over the world, leading it to enter the global pandemic stage. It is considered one of the best novels as it consists of more than a hundred characters, and it has intertwining plots. The series stars James Marsden in the lead. Jovan Adepo, Whoopi Goldberg, and many other talented actors will be seen in this 9-episode series. It will premiere on CBS All Access or Paramount on 17th December.

The Watch

The development, production, and creation of The Watch have been under speculations since 2011, but it seems like this series will finally be available. The Watch is a fantasy police procedural television series based on or inspired by the Ankh-Morpork City Watch police force from Pratchett’s Discworld series. We can categorize the series as a punk rock thriller, as it will follow a crime that asks the police not to lose their focus. You can find this series premiering on BBC America in January 2021.


Invincible is an upcoming American adult animated superhero-drama web television series that will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. It is based on the comic book character of the same name. Robert Kirkman wrote the comic series. The series features a typical teenager, Mark Grayson, whose father – Nolan – is a mighty superhero on the planet. Soon after Mark’s 17th birthday, he begins to develop his incredible powers and enters into his father’s guidance. The series will debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2021.

Watch out for these incredibly entertaining and thrilling movies. You can find their teasers and ‘fans speculating the story’ all over the internet.

Hi, I’m Kinsley. I’m a web developer living in Pontiac, USA. I am a fan of web development, programming, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in innovation. You can read my blog with a click on the button above. maxxadvisor.com

Source: Trailers Lined Up for This Year and Early 2021

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