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8 октября 2020 г. 13:41

Best Headphones for a Perfect Holiday Gift

Great headphones are a key to make your tedious commute pleasant. No matter what kind of distractions are there, the headphones will keep you focused at work. There are a lot of fabulous headphones in the market to choose from. We have picked some of them for you, let’s check  them out.

Bose Noise Cancelling 700

Bose Noise Cancelling 700 headphones that launched in 2019 are still the best all-rounder headphones you can purchase. On the season sale, you can get some discounts on them; however, they are generally sold for $400 when there isn’t any sale going on. That is a considerable cost to be spent on headphones. But if you are getting a good deal, then you should definitely go for them. The Bose Noise Cancellation 700 headphones offer a top-tier quality of sound, with an active noise cancellation support to avoid the disturbances around. You can also soften or completely turn off the noise cancellation, as desired.These headphones are also packed with a noise rejection feature for calls so that you can have a disturbance-free communication even in a noisy area. The person on the other side will get to hear a crystal-clear voice of yours.

Microsoft Surface Headphones

Even though the Bose Noise Cancellation 700 are great, they are expensive. So, you can go for Microsoft Surface headphones that are a bit less expensive compared to the Bose NC 700 headphones. Microsoft has also released an update to fix the issues which were going on in the Surface Headphones.

Although the new Surface Headphones are a bit bulky, they do have better functioning than previous versions. You can have them at $250. They offer excellent sound quality and active noise cancellation support. In order to control noise cancellation, you get an intuitive rotating dial on the left side. The Surface Headphones come at a $150 lesser cost compared to the Bose NC 700.

AirPods and AirPods Pro

If the person for whom you are purchasing a gift has an iPhone, a pair of AirPods will be one of the best gifts you can give them. The AirPods can be purchased for $ 160. They offer decent sound quality and come with a charging case, and work efficiently with iOS. The only thing they lack is the active noise cancellation.

AirPods Pro, on the other hand, offers active noise cancellation so as to enhance the listening experience. They also have ear tips which provide extra comfort. The AirPods Pro comes at a price of $ 250.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live or OnePlus Buds

You get lots of options for wireless earbuds on Android. Among them are the recently released Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and OnePlus Buds.

Talking about Samsung's bean-shaped earbuds, they come at a price of $ 170 and offer outstanding sound quality and give stiff competition to other high-end headphones. They also have active noise cancellation support, and the best thing is that they have a price way less than the AirPods Pro.

In case $ 170 is an expensive amount for you to spend, you can go for the OnePlus Buds. They have a very budget-friendly price of $ 80. The OnePlus Buds can pair with Android phones in a matter of seconds, and they offer excellent sound quality too. You get all this at only $ 80.

Skullcandy Earbuds & Headphones

Skullcandy's most recent releases offer you built-in Tile support, which can be enabled using the Tile mobile app. This feature helps you to find out your earbuds quickly. The Skullcandy Push Ultra earbuds come at $ 99. They have a solid build-up, which makes them remain in your ears no matter what activity you are doing. They offer a massive battery life, and their sound quality is pretty much acceptable.

Similar is the case with the Crusher Evo headphones that come at a price of $ 200. There's a physical bass slider on these headphones that turns them into a head-mounted subwoofer. However, they do not offer noise cancellation, but the excellent quality bass, built-in Tile feature, and a reasonable price make the Crusher Evos a great holiday gift.

Final verdict

So, these were our recommendations regarding the headphones which you can gift to your loved ones. We hope you would have got an overview of the pricing and features of the headphones through the details that we have mentioned above.

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Source: Best Headphones for a Perfect Holiday Gift 

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