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5 октября 2020 г. 09:47

Fortnite Season 4 Week 4: How to Launch Off All Sentinel Hands Without Touching

Fortnite has introduced a fresh Wolverine challenge for the players. In the following challenge, players have to launch off entire Sentinel Hands without touching the ground. In the Season 4 Week 2, there was a challenge at Sentinel Graveyard. Players who have played the previous challenge in this location are aware of this area, and it will help them to complete the mission quickly.


To launch off the Sentinel Hands, you have to locate the Sentinel Graveyard if not aware of the location. It is located on the south side of “The Authority.” You can easily spot Sentinel because of its bright white color with a huge area size on the map.

Once you arrive at the location, you simply need to fly towards the palm of the robot. There are a total of six hands in the area. All hands are placed on a decent gap from each other. Once you reach there, remember, and don't touch the ground.

On the palm of the robot, you'll see a glowing light in a circle. You need to land on that circle, and it will push you back if you do it right. While doing this, you don't have to touch the ground. Here you can use your parachute to land on the palm smoothly. In this mission, players have to maintain the balance while landing on every palm. However, if you don't know the location of every robot palm, then you should locate it first.

Once you complete this Wolverine challenge, you can look out for another challenge of week 4. Near the Sentinel Graveyard, many challenges are available. Specifically, The Authority is near the Sentinel Graveyard, and there you need to deal with damage to the opponents. If you focus on the map and your surrounding areas, you can easily find three challenges in a single match. The third challenge you can find at Misty Meadows. By doing it, you can progress your Season 4 achievements a lot, and it will also improve your Battle Pass rank.

There's one more thing which is worth referring here that players can find the Season 4 Week 4 XP Coins at The Authority. You can get there after completing the challenges. The XP coins will stay there for a week. Once you get there, you have to check out the hidden areas and break some objects to get the coin. Every XP earning will lead you closer to the special Silver, Gold, and Holo skins.


In Season 4, collecting XP is very important for the players. Fortnite is releasing new challenges every week to support the players to gain the XP. The biggest reward in Season 4 is Silver, Gold, and Holo skins that can be earned by collecting XP.

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