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1 октября 2020 г. 11:57

The Last Waffentrager Event: Release Date and More

World of Tanks is a huge multiplayer online game that features mid-20 th  century combat vehicles. The online game comes in two versions: free and premium. Get ready for the adrenaline rush as World of Tanks has started a limited-edition event from September 28 th  to October 18 th , 2020. The game focuses on opponents playing a battle while controlling an armored vehicle. Not only this, but the player can also communicate with fellow players via text or voice chat. A match is won either by taking down the opponent's team, or staying in their base and surviving.

For the first time in the history of World of Tanks gaming, The Last Waffentrager event will assign seven players opposite one tier 10 tank destroyer, the Auf E 110, to beat it and earn rewards in the game.

The Last Waffentrager Event will be played across three destinations on maps, including Fisherman's Bay, Studzianki, and Redshire. The game expects the players to work in a squad and destroy the AI-controlled sentinels.

If these minor details have intrigued you, you might be interested in playing the limited-edition game that started on 28 th  September 2020. We know the total period for The Last Waffentrager Event is too little; however, you'll still have a two-week window to defeat the Waffentrager destroyer and earn rewards.

Are you wondering about destroying the Waffentrager as any other player? Here's the trick! To take down the Waffentrager, you'll have to command the T-55 Thunderbolt tanks supplied with electromagnetic accelerators. If you're unable to use the weapons, you'll need to take down the AI ​​tank team on the map. Once you've done that, the lightning bolt packs will be provided to you to charge your special weapons. These weapons play an extremely important role in damaging the Waffentrager's 32,000 hit-point total.

Once you've defeated the Waffentrager's AI Sentinels, you'll be provided with buffs to increase your power. Interestingly, when you reach the climax of the game, tank commanders will have a chance to take on the World of Tanks development team. If they're beaten, all the players who win will be rewarded with a premium prize pack.

The event will be a complete action pack surprise for the players making them want more and more. The Last Waffentrager Event has a lot of additional elements that you'll get to know once you start with the limited-edition event.

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