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28 сентября 2020 г. 08:55

Want to Complete the Fortnite Stark Robots Dance Challenge? Here’s What You Need

Are you a huge Fortnite Fan? Then nothing can excite you as much as the new challenges brought by the online game, one of which includes a unique dare to make a Stark robot dance. By now you might be feeling the tickle to play and see what the new challenge has got you as its live.

Let us be very clear. It is not as easy as it sounds because collecting Battle Pass XP is a part of the dance challenge. Want to know more about how to win the challenge and get yourself the bonus? Read along to learn more!

A Fortnite Stark Robot dance challenge is not even close to something you might have heard before. Stark Robots showed up when this season was dispatched in the Quinjets that land on the map close to tufts of smoke during each match. They are guarding chests inside those planes and there are numerous difficulties to shoot and remove them, but dancing at the same time? It sounds funny though!

Players tend to avoid these robots to save themselves from getting attacked. However, the challenge additionally requires you to approach them. All you need to do is go to the regions, including Stark Industries, a marked location, or a Quinjet landing, where you can find these Stark Robots. Next, try to knock them down using any weapon and grab some loot. Not only this, but you'll have to save yourself from getting shot or killed by any of the robots. Once you knock down a robot, you'll be given a hack, which will turn the robot into a friendly AI character. Use your emote wheel and start dancing which will make the knocked down robots dance along with you, followed by marking the challenge as complete. You'll receive your hard-earned valuable XP, and if possible, you can try doing the same with other Stark Robots to gain more.

It still doesn't sound much of an action. It sure will when you know that knocking down a Stark Robot will alert all the other robots around. Therefore, a lot of enemies can come your way trying to defeat you and keeping you from completing the challenge. One good thing is if you get past the difficulty, meeting the challenge will unlock superheroes that the battle pass has to offer. Not only this, but you'll also gain access to the Marvel costumes. Sounds exciting, right?

Fortnite dance challenge is one of the week five challenges. Surely, you don't want to miss out on other amazing challenges brought to you, including Search Chests at Doom's Domain, Collect Floating Rings at Coral Castle, Destroy Gorgers, Jump through the Flaming Ring, and much more. Are you ready to perform your best dance moves to win one of the most fun challenges ever? Technically, you're not just engaging in some sort of competition, but you're also having fun where you could make your enemies dance. It sounds like a perfect idea, and we're looking forward to receiving a lot more fun challenges like this.

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