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24 сентября 2020 г. 16:58

A Guide to Creating a Facebook Avatar

Facebook always keeps bringing new and exciting features for its users and recently they rolled out Facebook Avatars, which is likely to replace the standard emoji and stickers as it looks more attractive. Facebook Avatars is more like Bitmoji which allows you to create emoji using your facial features and outfits. You can reimagine yourself as a cartoon character that way and join the league of thousands of stickers already available on Facebook. This feature of Facebook became popular very fast as millions of users shared their Facebook Avatars on their profile. However, there have been some users who have not been able to use this feature and if you are among those users who want to use the Facebook Avatar feature but need a guide on that, then we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to elaborate on how you can create your own Facebook Avatar and enhance your experience of using Facebook. 


The very first and necessary step to create a Facebook Avatar for yourself is to have a working Facebook account. If you don't have a Facebook account yet then you can create it from the web or via the Facebook app. Facebook app is available on major app stores and it is an easy process to create a Facebook account by providing some basic information. 

Once you own a Facebook account, the process of creating a Facebook Avatar can be initiated by accessing the menu. You can find the menu by clicking on the three-line icon which represents the option. In the menu, you will find the Avatar option. The rest process of creating a Facebook Avatar can be started by following the instructions on the screen. You will be prompted to select the skin tone of your avatar first and the same way you can also pick the hairstyle on the next screen. You will also be able to customize the eye color, eyebrows shape, face shape, facial hair, and other attributes that define your face. Some options allow you to choose accessories like glasses or lipstick. There are more options like choosing your body shape and clothing style also. There are also certain head-wears which you can wear to add more life to your avatar. Once you are done customizing all the attributes, shapes, and accessories of your avatar, you can hit the next button and your avatar is ready to use. It is noteworthy that this process does not require you to upload any of your photos or share any additional data with Facebook. If you feel like that the avatar you have created is not close to what you look like then you can try editing some features of it or try recreating. 

Once you are done creating your Facebook Avatar, you will be able to use it easily. You can also share it on your profile and friends will see it on their timeline. Facebook will automatically add your avatar to predetermined stickers, which you can use in chatting or making comments on Facebook posts. 

Facebook Avatar is a cool feature that has enhanced the experience of using Facebook. You can also create a cool avatar for yourself by following the steps we elaborated and enjoy this new experience of chatting and interacting on Facebook.

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Source: A Guide to Creating a Facebook Avatar  

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