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24 сентября 2020 г. 16:33

Pokemon Go How to Use Special Evolution Items

In Pokemon Go, some evolutions don't happen easily. Apart from normal candies, trainers also require special evolution items to evolve some certain Pokemon. There's a huge list of Pokemon that require special evolution items to evolve. If you want to know the exact Pokemon and items, you need to explore the game a lot. However, this guide will help you to get information about special evolution items and Pokemon.


How to Acquire Special Evolution Items

To get the special items, you need to play Pokemon Go daily and complete the challenges. Every day Niantic releases new challenges that help the player to encounter strong Pokemon and new items.

Playing Pokemon Go daily also increases the XP that helps the player to unlock new challenges. Niantic releases weekly challenges that usually offer unique items as rewards. So to get those items as a reward, you need to complete the challenges before the time ends.

By opening the Gifts from friends and spinning the Pokestops, you can get the King’s Rock item. The PVP battles also provide several rewards that also include Sinnoh Stone. It’s an essential stone because many powerful Pokemon require the Sinnoh Stone to evolve in their final form.

If you continuously spin the Pokestops, you can get the Metal Coat on your seventh day of spin. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get these items. You need to make as many as possible attempts to get these items. So try every possible aspect to increase the chances of earning special evolution items.

What are the uses of Evolution items in Pokemon Go?

If you spin a Pokestop seven days continuously, you’ll get a Breakthrough reward that includes several cool items. If you’re lucky, you may get a shiny Pokemon in the box. You can get the following reward every week if you spin the Pokestops daily. The earned items will store in the Item bag, and Pokemon will store in Pokemon space.

The evolution items were introduced in Gen 2 that changed the whole process of Pokemon evolution. Currently, in the game, there are a total of 9 evolution items available that helps the trainer to evolve their Pokemon. These items are as follows:

  • King’s Rock
  • Dragon Scale
  • Sun Stone
  • Metal Coat
  • Sinnoh Stone
  • Upgrade
  • Magnetic Lure
  • Glacial Lure
  • Mossy Lure

All these items work on certain types of Pokemon. So here is the guide to use these items on its relatable Pokemon.

Use the Dragon Scale

Dragon Scale is a unique type of item that can only be applied on “Seadra” to turn into “Kingdra.” To use this item, you need to have Seadra or the “Horsea.” 

Seadra is the second evolution form of Horsea that requires 25 candies to evolve. However, if you want Kingdra, you need to have 100 Horsea candies and a Dragon Scale for evolution.

Use the King’s Rock

In this section, players have the option because players can use it on two different Pokemon. To use King’s Rock on two Pokemon, you need to have two King’s Rock. This special item can evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed and Slowpoke into Slow King. Both are amazing Pokemon with amazing abilities.

Politoed requires 100 Poliwag candies and one King’s Rock for evolution.

Slow King requires 100 Slowpoke candies and one King’s Rock for evolution.

Use Metal Coat

Metal Coat can also be used in two different Steel-type Pokemon. You can use it on “Scyther” to evolve in “Scizor” and also on “Onix” to turn into “Steelix.”

Scizor requires 50 Scyther candies and one Metal Coat for evolution.

Steelix requires 50 Onix candies and one Metal Coat for evolution.

Use the sun stone

Trainers have two choices here as well, but both Pokemon have different specialties. If you want Bellossom, you need to evolve Gloom using 100 Oddish candies with one Sun Stone. If you want Sunflora, you need to evolve Sunkern using 100 Sunflora candies with Sun Stone.

Use Upgrade

Here players only have one option to use this item. Trainers can use the Upgrade only on Porygon to turn into Porygon2 with 50 candies. The final form of Porygon is Porygon-Z that requires Sinnoh Stone and 100 Porygon candies to evolve.

Use sinnoh stone

You can use Sinnoh Stone on several types of Pokemon. So here is the list of Pokemon that need Sinnoh Stone to evolve:

  • Roselia - Roserade
  • Electabuzz - Electivire
  • Dusclops - Dusknoir
  • Gligar - Gliscor
  • Magmar - Magmortar
  • Misdreavus - Mismagius
  • Murkrow - Honchkrow
  • Porygon2 - Porygon-Z
  • Rhydon - Rhyperior
  • Sneasel - Weavile
  • Togetic - Togekiss
  • Piloswine - Mamoswine
  • Aipom - Ambipom
  • Yanma - Yanmega
  • Tangela - Tangrowth
  • Lickytung - Lickilicky
  • Kirlia - Gallade
  • Snorunt - Froslass

Use magnetic lure

The magnetic lure is a special type of lure in Pokemon Go. You can use it to evolve Magneton into Magnezone using 100 Magnemite candies. You can also use it on Nosepass to evolve into Probopass using 50 Nosepass candies.


The evolution in Pokemon Go is a major factor in the game. It represents the strength of the trainer and also increases the level. There are several strong Pokemon in the game that require a specific level for evolution.

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Source: Pokemon Go: How to Use Special Evolution Items  

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