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23 сентября 2020 г. 15:28

How to Use TeamViewer on iPhone to Remotely Control Windows PC

Have you ever thought about controlling a device while you’re away from it? If you haven’t thought about the same, you must have wished to do it sometime. TeamViewer is a distant work area programmer that is used by a great number of users to build up a link between the devices. With the TeamViewer application for iOS and iPadOS, you can distantly control your Windows PC directly from your Apple device, for nothing in exchange.

With the help of the TeamViewer feature, you can have unlimited oversight over a Windows PC readily available with an iPhone or iPad, regardless of where you are. Need to see a report left on a work PC? Don't sweat it, you can do that distantly. Forgot to switch off a PC at home or the workplace? You can deal with that distantly as well. As long as the TeamViewer feature is active, you can distantly communicate with your Windows PC.

Are you keen to learn more about using the TeamViewer? Below is a guide on how you can control your Windows PC using TeamViewer on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Control Windows PC Using TeamViewer?

Make sure you've downloaded the TeamViewer application on your Windows PC. Also, it is essential to have the app on your Apple device. The steps to use the TeamViewer app on your Apple device to control your Windows PC are:

  1. Launch the TeamViewer app on your PC and note down the ID and password for the same.
  2. Next, launch the TeamViewer app on your Apple device.
  3. Enter the TeamViewer ID, as noted above.
  4. Hit the 'Remote Control' option.
  5. The next pop-up menu will prompt you to enter the TeamViewer password. Enter the same and click on the 'Ok' button.
  6. The next window will guide you to use the touch gestures for your Windows PC. Once you're well instructed, click on the 'Continue' button at the bottom.
  7. A remote desktop session will begin. You can drag the cursor on the screen to move your mouse. You can also bring up the keypad by tapping the Chevron icon on the screen.
  8. To end the remote desktop session, click on the 'X' icon.

This is it! You've to follow only a few instructions to be able to control your PC using the TeamViewer app on your iPhone or iPad.

Using the app also benefits you when you don't want to carry your laptop everywhere. Thus, it is easy to work on your PC while you're traveling. It is worth mentioning again that you must have a TeamViewer app on your PC as well to form a remote link. Not only your PC, but colleagues can use the TeamViewer app to establish a connection across devices for multiple purposes. In case you're not satisfied with the service provided by the TeamViewer app, you can try using its alternatives such as AnyDesk and Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Hi, I'm Kinsley. I'm a web developer living in Pontiac, USA. I am a fan of web development, programming, and entrepreneurship. I'm also interested in innovation. You can read my blog such as. yellpilot.com 

Source: How to Use TeamViewer on iPhone to Remotely Control Windows PC 

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