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22 сентября 2020 г. 12:51

Pokemon Go: How to Acquire the Mega Bracelet

The Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go is going well. Along with the Mega Evolution Pokemon, Niantic has launched some cool accessories for the trainers. The special Mega Evolution items are available in the shop. Originally in the series, trainers use a Key Stone to power up their Pokemon that has a certain Mega Stone attached. The following device first appeared in the Kalos region's battles, and now players can have it in the game as well.


In Pokemon Go, the accessory is just a part of decorating the character. Niantic has released the Mega Bracelet to present the fancy side of Mega Evolution. After evolving a Pokemon in Mega form, their design and few abilities improve. Now players can use them in the PVP battles, which was before restricted to only Raid Battles. However, if you want to have something fancy, you can purchase the Bracelets from the shop using Pokecoins.

Where to find

To acquire the Mega Bracelet, you simply need to click on your avatar icon on the left bottom corner side. In the following tab, you'll see three options - Buddy History, Journal, and Style. Choose the “Style” option, and you'll see bags, tops, hats, etc.

To get the Mega Bracelets, tap on the gloves option, and you'll see the bracelets according to the teams. Each bracelet cost 100 coins. The amount of bracelet is not too high, but you need to have Pokecoins to acquire it. If you don't have enough Pokecoins, you can buy it using real currency.

You have the options

If you want to have the coins, you simply need to visit the shop selection. You can enter the shop selection by tapping on the Pokeball icon in the middle of the main screen. Tap the Shop button and scroll down to the end. There you'll see several Pokecoins options according to the price. To purchase the coins, you have to verify your payment through your bank account. The process will take a few seconds once you provide the right detail of your account.

The Mega Bracelets are just part of the accessory, but it does not provide any benefit in the battle. When you are in the gloves section, you can choose your preferred bracelet. The design of bracelets is the same, but there's variation in colors. Wearing the Mega Bracelets looks amazing. Developers have offered some great features in Mega Evolution, but some of the players are still not accepting it. However, developers are working on it to make the Mega Evolution more user friendly for the trainers.


After releasing the Mega Evolution, Niantic launched several additional challenges and rewards in the game. To get the challenges, players have to spin the Pokestops. Recently Mega Battle Challenge offered Mega Energy and Pokemon to catch.

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Source: Pokemon Go: How to Acquire the Mega Bracelet  

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