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22 сентября 2020 г. 12:17

Spellbreak: Best Class and Guide for Gauntlet

Spellbreak leads the player into the fantasy world filled with magic. In the game, players will see Gauntlets, Spells, Classes, Scrolls, and many more things. To progress the game, the player must know about every section of the game. Spellbreak will explain a few things initially, but to know about Gauntlets and Class, the following guide will help you.

Casting magic is a major component of Spellbreak, but there are many deep things in the game that players should understand. Spellbreak consists of some unique magical elements and powers, rather than just hurling lightning bolt spells or fireballs. Currently, Spellbreak allows the players to choose between six different classes. There’s a variation in every class that players have to explore by playing.

It’s quite entertaining to explore every class and spell, but sometimes it consumes time a lot and makes many things difficult. It is up to the player how fast they explore every class and play what suits their playstyle. So if you’re also a newbie, here is the guide to choose a class and pair with a gauntlet to get victorious.

Best Class and Gauntlet to Choose for Beginners

It’s been a while since the Spellbreak has been released. Currently, few things are available for play in the game, but the guide will be applicable even in the future as well. At the beginning of the game, players have to choose what type of playstyle and spell environment they want to have.

Stoneshaper Class

For a newbie who has no idea about spells and all six classes, they should move along with Stoneshaper. As you can guess, the ability of Stoneshaper, through its name, is an earth-based class. Among all six different classes, learning the Stoneshaper class is the easiest and comes with easily understandable abilities. This class keeps the player aggressive because of its maxed armor. You also don't have to stress about your mana pool.

When you choose Stoneshaper, your primary attack will be “Shockwave” that will release a medium-ranged line from the character. You don't have to worry about aiming a lot because it can hit multiple targets in a single shot. The great thing about the following attack is that it regenerates the armor if you are below 20. It can stick you on the field by regenerating your armor by clearing the enemies. The more you fight, the more enemies you can dish out from your sight. 

“Builderfall” will be your Sorcery attack. It can attack the enemy by dropping a huge chunk of the Earth on the target. This attack is different from Shockwave, but it's completely a ground-based attack. While being in Stoneshaper class, you have to look out for the aerial and ranged enemies. Try to make close contact and then make your move on the enemy for a perfect hit.

Best Stoneshaper Gauntlet

To cover the weakness of your class, you will have the choice to add a secondary gauntlet. Stoneshaper class is weak against aerial and ranged enemies, so you have to choose the right gauntlet to cover your back. Now you'll have two best choices that include Frost or Lightning gauntlet. Lightning gauntlet comes with accurate and quick Lightning Bolt and Lightning Strike attacks but has a low damage rate.

“Frost” gauntlet will provide you Ice Lance with extremely powerful shots but have a slow firing rate. However, you can hit your enemies if your targets are accurate. “Flash Freeze” is the sorcery that can freeze and slow down the enemy. By using this ability, you can hit your opponent easily with powerful spells.


Indeed, Spellbreak is a newly released game, but the game's content and abilities are quite impressive. The game allows the players to use their preferred elements and pick the power they want to have. Choosing the Stoneshaper will give the players a quick start. By using the following class, players can get some in-depth information easily.

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Source: Spellbreak: Best Class and Guide for Gauntlet 

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