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17 сентября 2020 г. 10:22

Minecraft: How to Advance the Weapons and Items Using Minecraft Enchanting

To survive longer in Minecraft, it is necessary to have advanced amours, gears, weapons, and boosted items. Enchanted armor and weapons help a lot in survival during a tough situation. In the game monsters, traps and several uncommon problems exist. Players have to survive while collecting the resources. Minecraft Enchanting is a great procedure to become strong, but just like every other game, players need to collect some important elements and tools.



How to Build an Enchantment Table in Minecraft

To start enchanting the items, you have to make an Enchantment Table first. It requires four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and one book. To locate the material like a diamond, you have to search deep underground using an iron pickaxe or a better one for mining. Obsidian material needs to be mined with the help of a diamond pickaxe, and you’ll see it where water and lava meet. However, some players don’t get to find obsidian, so they can fill a bucket of water and dump it in the lava to make some. Finding books is simple, players simply need to craft the leather and paper or destroy the bookcases that usually appear inside the house of villages. 

How to Enchant Items in Minecraft

After making the enchantment table, you have to place it on a right and safe location to enchant the items. The process of the Enchantment Table is similar to the standard crafting table. However, it requires a unique additional resource -“Lapis Lazuli” to begin the enchanting. You can find this additional resource at mines and deeper caverns that only require stone pickaxe for harvesting.

Once you acquire the item, place the Lapis Lazuli on Enchantment Table. Once you do this, you’ll be asked to choose between three different options. The list of enchanted items generates randomly, and once an item is enchanted, there’s no way you can reverse it, so be careful when you make a choice. If you have the option, you can enchant a book that can be applied in some other time. Remember that Enchantment Table enchants one item at a time. However, if you want to try multiple enchantments, then you have to either combine two enchanted items or use the enchanted books.

How to Enhance the Level of Enchantments in Minecraft

In Minecraft, several ways are available for crafting good enchants. Currently, in the game, there’s no specific level requirement for enchanting, but higher level players usually have some choices for higher enchants. Even if the player is on a higher level, the list of enchanting items will remain random.

To get more facilities for enchantments, you need to place some bookcases around the Enchantment Table. It increases the strength of creating enchants. To enhance the potential of enchants, it is mandatory to enter above level 30 and arrange a total of 15 bookshelves. If you don’t carry the materials, then you don’t need to enter above level 8.

Best Enchantments in Minecraft

You can find several amazing enchantments in the game to discover and experiment with the combination to suit your playstyle. Here are some of the best enchantments according to ranks.

Mending (Max. Rank 1)

Best Applied To: Resources and weapon collecting tools

Effect: In Minecraft, resources and weapons wear downs when using repeatedly. Now, this enchantment enables the weapon or item to use the earned experience to repair itself automatically. Whenever you see green orbs after mining or killing the monsters, those orbs will repair and replenish the enchanted weapon or item.

Unbreaking (Max. Rank 3)

Best Applied To: Armor, resource collecting tool and weapons

Effect: Unbreaking is similar to Mending. It enhances the durability of the weapon or item during the time of applying. However, it does not get repaired automatically. You have to repair it manually.

Fortune (Max. Rank 3)

Best Applied To: Shovel, pickaxe or ax

Effect: Once performing the enchantment, the number of resources will increase, and players can collect it by a single block. When using it, players should try it on rare materials like diamonds or Lapis Lazuli to get plenty of them.

Looting (Max. Rank 3)

Best Applied To: Sword

Effect: Looting is no different than Fortune enchantment. The only exceptional thing about looting enchantment is that it enhances the loot once the enemy is killed. Remember that it does not grow the experience. 

Protection (Max. Rank 4)

Best Applied To : Armor

Effect : Protection enchantment increases the durability of the armor. It absorbs more damage than usual. In Minecraft, some certain enchantments are available that protect against some specific attacks, but Protection works on all attacks. Protection is a great option if you don't carry multiple amours.

Sharpness (Max. Rank 5)

Best Applied To : Ax and Sword

Effect : Sharpness enchantment improves the melee damage effect of the weapon. Some certain enchantments can increase the damage against some specific monsters, but sharpness is an all-round boost to eliminate the enemies.

Power (Max. Rank 5)

Best Applied To : Bow

Effect : The following enchantment will enhance the damage value of the arrow to a certain number. If you prefer to do close-range battle, power enchantment can help you.

Efficiency (Max. Rank 5)

Best Applied To : Ax, shovel, and pickaxe

Effect : Efficiency enchantment improves the collection speed of tools that applied to the following enchantment. It's a great and time-saving enchantment because it can help you to collect the resources and materials quickly.


All the following enchantments have their specialty and benefits. To create the Enchantment Table, players have to put some additional efforts in the game. However, once the Enchantment Table is ready, players can take full benefit of the abilities that enchantments provide.

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Source: Minecraft: How to Advance the Weapons and Items Using Minecraft Enchanting  

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