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17 сентября 2020 г. 08:13

Fortnite: How to Defeat Iron Man at Stark Industries

After releasing Marvel characters and challenges, the gameplay and playstyle of Fortnite have changed a bit. However, Fortnite successfully managed to create a separate and unique fanbase as a battle royale game. By introducing unique mechanics, and crossovers, Fortnite intends to boost its fanbase. Almost every player of Fortnite is impressed by the newest updated and crossover events.

Apart from the crossovers, Fortnite also focuses on the challenges they provide. The real challenge for Fortnite comes when they offer new rewards. The current Marvel event challenges are providing rewards related to the Marvel characters and weapons. Fans are well aware of rewards, but developers are focusing on providing something new always to keep the interest high.

Week 3 of Season 4 is offering some outstanding skins and valuable items by completing the challenges. Interestingly, the current week is also providing a challenge where players have to take down “Iron Man.” In the Marvel event, players have already defeated “Doctor Doom.” Defeating Doctor Doom wasn't an easy task for most of the players, but the rewards were worth it. Similarly, players have to take down Iron Man too with proper strategy. To begin the challenge, players have to head towards the “Frenzy Farm” site, which is now called “Stark Industries.” Battle against Iron Man is not going to be easy, so it's better to prepare yourself before starting the challenge.

After arriving at Stark Industries, keep a long-range shooting weapon. Head towards the south and locate the main building. You'll find a huge building on the site. There you'll see Iron Man is waiting for you on the second floor of the building. Iron Man is not the only enemy there, you have to defeat his robots as well. When you move towards Iron Man, Stark robots will start attacking. However, players can use those robots as their advantage in the battle.

Eliminating the robots will allow you to operate those robots. After successfully accessing those robots, you can take down Iron Man easily. However, you have to be careful from repulsors and unibeam of Iron Man. Stark robots will help you to keep moving while shooting. Use it as your advantage and complete this difficult task of Fortnite Season 4.


Players are excited to play and complete this challenge. The way Fortnite has presented this challenge clearly shows its difficulty, but more than that, it's an entertaining challenge. Overall, Season 4 is going great, and hopefully, Fortnite will release more amazing challenges in the game.

I'm Emma Justin. I'm a web developer living in USA. I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and web development. I'm also interested in education and writing. Also You can read our Blog, easymzon.com 

Source: Fortnite: How to Defeat Iron Man at Stark Industries 

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