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10 сентября 2020 г. 15:58

Dungeons & Dragons: How to Multiclass as Sorcerer

In Dungeons & Dragons, sorcerers have to do a lot of things. Without the help of worship and tedious study, they possess magical powers. However, they can get more capabilities through multiclass. Some powers in the game work amazingly with sorcerers. So here is the guide to multiclass as a sorcerer.


The casting attributes do not align, but there are plenty of high-level infusions that directly benefit the sorcerer. You can try several available options for investing in levels, but before reaching there, you can try out some better options as well.


There’s nothing wrong with Unarmed Defense, but you should get the Draconic Bloodline subclass for boosting the AC. Remember that you’ll not be able to cast the spell while in rage mode, so in the end, you’ll get nothing by getting into this class.


Charisma helps the bards to cast the spell, and most of them are casters. If you reach the bard level, you’ll never face problems in the spell. The first three bard levels offer impressive abilities, but they are nothing in front of sorcerer abilities. However, there are some spells that sorcerers can’t spell, but bard can cast those abilities and disclose some cool possibilities. Expertise ability is useful for sorcerers, but if you get to level three, the College of Swords will provide no benefit to sorcerers.


Cleric offers utility and proficiencies, and taking level one will provide the knowledge to complete cleric spells. It’s rare for taking one or two cleric levels, but some specific Divine Domains work better than others. The first level of Light Domain or Forge Domain is great abilities.  However, if you prefer two levels, so the Grave Domain, Tempest Domain, and the War Domain are the preferred choices. Except for Forge Domain, all other abilities are fueled by a great Wisdom source.


It is similar to the clerics, taking the first level of the druid will enable the player to access the entire druid spell list. Indeed, preparing the druid spell is limited, but having the complete list is valuable. Its Wild Shape or any druid subclass does not give any specific advantage to the sorcerers.


Sorcerer earns a lot by taking two fighter levels. The armor proficiencies are useful for the casters like sorcerers, as the +1 to the AC obtained from defensive fighting style. For sorcerers, Action Surge is a great ability because it enables the players to cast quick spells and level two spells. You’ll face lag when using more than two spellcasting abilities, so try to use only two fighter levels.


Similar to the multiclassing in barbarian, it provides the unarmored defense.  With this, you can simply boost the AC along with Draconic Bloodline, or try the multiclassing armor proficiencies. After taking two levels, you will get Step of the Wind and Patient Defense. Both of these abilities are interesting, but nothing if compared to the multiclass.


Two levels for this fighter is completely suitable because of Action Surge. You can get its defensive fighting style at level one. Paladins have some cool utility abilities like armor proficiencies and charisma for the spellcasting. Taking two Paladin levels will unlock the complete spell list, but it's less impressive than druid and cleric.


Its first level abilities are for tracking. If you don't process as the ranger, the spellcasting will provide details only about a few spells. It is slightly similar to Paladin's multiclass, but you'll get a few items from it.


This class has nothing wrong with sorcerers, but some better options can be tried. The Expertise is useful for those who use many utility skills and serve as the party's face. The Cunning Action is slightly useful because sorcerers don't usually prefer combat, but metamagic will give you some additional bonus actions.


Taking one, two, and three levels are all great for a sorcerer. Warlock uses the charisma for the spellcasting and regenerates the spell niche to use on low-level spells. The first level abilities of Warlock are great, but Hexblade and Archfey are good because of frightening / charm ability. Level two provides Eldritch Invocations. It will allow you to cast the utility spell to increase the number of known spells. The third level will provide the Pact of the Tome that will enhance the cantrip selection limit.


Wizards already have a variety of spells that are more than sorcerers. Because of the spellcasting, they have plenty of utility spells. Losing the spellbook in the campaign is normal, so it's better to try the wizard and use its spellbook. Sorcerers have a limited number of books, and most of them are known. However, they can copy the spell of wizard because they are fueled by intelligence and not charisma.


In Dungeons & Dragons, various types of spells and powers are available. Players can choose the preferred character, but they will get the spells and powers according to the levels. Some characters don't require multiple levels because they already possess some incredible spells and powers.

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Source:  Dungeons & Dragons: How to Multiclass as Sorcerer

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