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8 сентября 2020 г. 11:49

How to Edit Font Size on Google Keep?

Google Keep is one of the best note-taking apps. While this app is pretty basic when it comes to features, it functions smoothly. The app does not offer too many customization options. If you wish to know how to edit font size on Google Keep, then read on.

Submitting Feedback to Google

If you want the company to add more customization options, then you should give them feedback. To submit your valuable feedback to Google, follow these straightforward instructions:

  • Launch the Google Keep mobile app on your device.
  • Then, choose the section of “Feedback” there. It will be available in the primary menu.
  • Then, write your feedback and send it to Google Inc.
  • You won't get any response from Google, but the company personnel will take a note of your valuable feedback.

Using Other Customization Options on Google Keep

Google Keep doesn't provide too many options for customization and to modify its features, but there are several things that you may use to make your notes attractive.

Adding Color

The Color organization in Google Keep is one of the most used and effective features out there. You can use primary colors to customize your notes. For instance, you can write your goals in blue, to-do lists in yellow shades, and opinions in green. You can use red for writing something urgent into your to-do lists. You may easily change your colors by just using a couple of clicks through the mouse. You have to search for your desired color from the color palette as it is prominently displayed on the screen.

Toggling to Dark Theme

If you want dark or night mode even while using Google Keep app, you can easily do the same. You have to switch the dark mode option to convert the theme from light to dark.

In case you own a new Android handset having the latest OS, and you are using the dark mode on your device, Google Keep will automatically use the same theme by default.

Changing Layout

In case you are fond of Grids and bars, then you can choose the same. You can customize all these things by tapping the toggle icon situated at the uppermost section of the device's screen. The option is present on both the services: web-based Google Keep and mobile application. Until Google adds font formatting options to the Keep app, make use of the above-mentioned features to customize your notes.

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Source: How to Edit Font Size on Google Keep? 

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