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2 сентября 2020 г. 11:35

Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV

Like all other online streaming platforms, Apple introduced Apple TV+, offering a streaming video service full of entertainment. Apple TV+ has its original shows, movies, and documentaries in diverse genres, and the best part is its ad-free subscription. If you want to view Apple TV+ content, you can visit Apple’s website or download its application. There is a lot more worth knowing. Thus, everything you need to know about Apple TV+ is mentioned below.

You might be interested in knowing the type of content Apple TV+ offers to its viewers. Well, it has a range of content for all the age-groups, including shows for children, adult and family shows. Therefore, a viewer must be aware of the shows before deciding to watch it with the family. If you want to keep your children from reaching the content not suitable for them, you can also opt to set up parental controls offered by Apple.

As mentioned above, the content can be viewed via Apple’s website or downloading the TV app. Not only this, but it is not necessary to own an Apple device to view the content offered by Apple TV+. Apart from Apple’s devices, the content can be viewed on other Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Roku.

Additionally, Apple TV+ has its roots spread in over a hundred countries and costs nearly $4.99 per month. However, the yearly subscription costs around $49.99. Don’t worry! Apple does not ask you for individual subscriptions. Instead, you can take one subscription and share it with six people at once. That means you’ll have to spend a very minimal amount on the subscription, or no amount at all in case you stole it from your friend.

The next thing we’re about to tell you will make you want to purchase an Apple device. It is because if you’ve purchased a new Apple device after September 10, 2019, you can enjoy a free subscription of Apple TV+ for a year.

Unfortunately, there is no bundle offered by Apple TV+ or other services. Subscribers can get their hands on an exclusionary bundle of CBS All Access and Showtime. It only comes along an extra payment of $9.99 per month. Paying for the bundle will offer you access to both the channels in your TV app.

If you go around paying for the two channels individually, it’ll cost you a lot more than offered by Apple. Thus, it’ll work in your favor if you pay a little amount to Apple TV+. Purchased a new Apple device? Get yourself enrolled for a free subscription. Else, you can buy the plan and enjoy the best of Apple’s content.

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Source: Everything You Need to Know About Apple TV+

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