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26 августа 2020 г. 11:03

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Bug-Off Guide and Rewards to Unlock

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has brought the Bug-Off tournament once again. It's a great opportunity for the players who were waiting to catch plenty of bugs. In the Bug-Off event, players can collect several types of bugs and also tons of new rewards. To enter into Big-Off, you need to interact with “Flick” at the “Plaza.” The flick will tell you the rules, and then you have to catch as many bugs as possible in 3 minutes. In this tournament, you don't need to worry about breaking the net just like the fishing tournament.

After starting your 3 minutes, any bug you catch will be transferred into the cage next to Flick. If you catch enough bugs, you can sell them to get a few extra Bells. Catching bugs will offer you some points. Based on your points, you will earn rewards. So here is the points table:

  • 1 bug caught 1 point
  • 2 bugs caught 2 points
  • 3 bugs caught 5 points
  • 4 bugs caught 6 points
  • 5 bugs caught 7 points
  • 6 bugs caught 8 points
  • 7 bugs caught 9 points
  • 8 bugs caught 10 points
  • 9 bugs caught 11 points
  • 10 bugs caught 12 points

Your first entry will be free if you are new in the Bug-Off tournament, but if you have already played it, it will cost you 500 bells. You can sell the bugs to play the more rounds, and in the end, you can have extra from the actual cost.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug-Off Rewards to Unlock

  • Termite mound
  • Spider web
  • Toy centipede
  • Toy cockroach
  • Spider doorplate
  • Artisanal bug cage
  • Butterflies wall
  • Bug wand
  • Ladybug rug
  • Bug Aloha Shirt
  • Butterfly backpack (pink)
  • Bug cage (green)
  • Ladybug umbrella
  • Bronze Bug Trophy (after earning 100 points in total)
  • Silver Bug Trophy (after earning 200 points in total)
  • Gold Bug Trophy (after earning 300 points in total)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips to Catch Bugs

The Bug-Off tournament is a major tournament in the game. So to catch a huge number of bugs here is the best guide to follow:

Don't run

Indeed, there is a time limit to catch the bugs, but if you know the right location of bugs, you can easily catch plenty of bugs in a short period. In the bugs, butterflies are also included, but they usually don't fly when you sprint near them. Apart from butterflies, all other bugs will fly off, so it is necessary to watch your steps when you see the bugs around you. Move slowly and catch as many as possible bugs in your available time.

Check Out All Usual Spots

The Bug-Off tournament isn't going to change the location of bugs anywhere. So if you are looking at some unusual place, you're doing it wrong. Check out all the usual spots where you regularly spot the bugs. You will find a great number of bugs if you check on stumps, tree trunks, and near the flowers. However, you can also look near the ponds, rivers, and more similar locations. 

Don't Bother to Carry Spare Net

During the fishing tournament, it was necessary to carry a spare fishing net to catch multiple fishes. Now it's a Bug-Off tournament, and you don't have to carry a spare net. Bugs are not heavy, and they can't break the net. So that's why it is not necessary to have a spare net. You can play the complete tournament with just one net. 

Conclusion  - Bug-Off tournament is one of the most awaited tournaments for the players. After the fishing tournament, players were so excited about bugs, and now they have the opportunity to catch them. If any player catches more than enough bugs during the tournaments, they can sell it to get bells.

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Source: Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Bug-Off Guide and Rewards to Unlock 

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