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21 августа 2020 г. 12:36

A Guide to Resort Management Software Packages

It is not an easy task to manage a hotel or resort. You have to take care of every little and big thing from reservation and housekeeping to auditing and accounting. It will need a skilled workforce to manage all these things but we have got your help. In this article, we are going to list top resort management software packages which will make it easier for you to deal with the workload of a resort. Different companies are offering different kinds of features in their respective software packages, but most of them will make it easier for you to keep a track of reservations, guest history, housekeeping, travel agency accounting. These software packages can also help you in auditing and reporting.


If you have ever found it tough to keep a track of purchases made by your guests in the resort or to make dinner reservations and manage tables, then also these software packages are going to assist you along with helping you in knowing the preferences of your customers , shopping trends, and special requests made by your guests. These requests can be viewed and managed by any member of your staff from any location on the resort with these software packages.

There are different types of resort management software such as Multi-Module Systems, Select Module Systems, Basic Reservation Systems, and Condominium Management Systems. These different types of software can assist you in the basic reservation process as well as in dealing with numerous tasks in a resort.

Using Multi-Module Systems, Select Module Systems or Basic Reservation Systems depends on the size of the hotel and on the complexity of functioning in a particular resort or hotel. Multi-Module systems are usually used in large hotels and resorts with over more than 100 rooms where the functioning of services is quite complex. Select Module Systems and Basic Reservation Systems are generally used in smaller hotels with lesser complicated operations. All types of software have been playing an important role in enriching experiences of customers in these hotels because these software packages have helped in managing resorts in a way that helps customers as well. Let's look at the top resort management software available in the market.

Resort Data

Resort Data is one of the most popular resort management software which can be used in hotels and resorts, condominium hotels, vacation rentals, timeshares, campgrounds, workforce housing, private residence clubs, and corporate housing. It has features like reservation management, email marketing, housekeeping management, owner statements, fee management, accounting management and maintains property database, payment processing, work order management, vendor management, yield management, front desk along with functioning smartphone reservations, billing, scheduling , signature capture, etc.


Hotelogix resort management software is used by many small and mid-sized hotels and resorts because of its easy-to-use system and adaptive features. It helps hoteliers with internal operations, and in promoting their business which results in increased sales and profits. It has a simple and user-friendly design that can be easily operated by hotel staff. The ability of integration with major credit card payment gateways makes it an outstanding software. 3rd party integrations for accounting, EPABX, kitchen order ticket, and other services are also available in this software.

eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is another resort management software that comes packed with all the essential features like hotel group management, profile management, email marketing, and scheduling and trouble-free audit trails. It also gives you security control on any kind of data of your hotel by restricting the access of other staff members. This software is also going to help you in keeping a track of deposits, charging your room with taxes, and accepting payments with multiple currencies in a smooth way. This software will make operations in your resort easier with features like group bookings, rate management, and guest self-service portal. It also provides you with resort analytics which makes this app special.

Virtual Resort Manager

If you own a small hotel, resort, and holiday home, then Virtual Resort Manager can help you with online bookings and accounting. It is a complete software package to manage small properties. It has got some amazing features which include automated guest surveys, taxation management, cash flow tracking, and employee and client management. Customer Resource Management module will allow you to generate client lists, check room occupancy, and assist in sending notifications to visitors via email or text message. This software also enables you to assign tasks, track cleaning status, and manage housekeeper work hours. Virtual Resort Manager can be integrated with third-party travel insurance platforms such as CSA Travel Protection, Rental Guardian, Red Sky, Travel Guard, etc. If you are using the vacation bridge feature on this app then you will be able to update online distributors and channel partners of your property with current photos, rates, and related information. This software has also got a service order function that allows you to assign multiple vendors and track the progress.


MyHotelLine resort management software's cloud-based system provides you with a secure system to manage the bookings in your resort and other internal operations which include front desk, housekeeping, and many other operations. This system keeps the operations in your resort organized, promotes discounts and attractive packages, and supports multiple currencies and languages. By generating reports on sales, and forecasting and analyzing market conditions, it helps you in making strategies to grow your business. This software connects you with various booking channels which results in maximum customers appearing in your resort. 

There are many resort management software available in the market offering various functions and features. In this article, we have listed the top resort management apps that you can use for your small or big resort to produce the best revenues.

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Source: A Guide to Resort Management Software Packages  

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