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19 августа 2020 г. 15:51

Hellpoint: How to Acquire EVA Suit

The “souls-like” genre of games is usually based on horror, swamp, or poison types of locations. The “Hellpoint” perfectly adapts the soul-like concept and fits it into the sci-fi aesthetic visuals. In the game, rather than struggling in the swamp and contaminated areas, you will see yourself into the depth of space. Both of these things are visually different, but the mechanics of both concepts work in the same way. The character in the game has to survive in the depth of space. However, if you use the right gears and materials, you can easily stay in the depth of space. The EVA suit in the game is going to help players a lot. It helps the character to survive longer in space, but it’s not easy to find it. To find the EVA, there is an essential guide you need to follow.

Find the EVA Suit

You can find the EVA suit in a risky way. You simply need to go into space without the suit, but this process can certainly lead you to death. However, if you survive, you can get your EVA suit. The normal way to get an EVA suit will not cost you a lot. The initial EVA suit that you will find will be broken. To use that EVA suit, firstly, you need to repair or upgrade it.

To locate your EVA suit, begin your journey from “Embassy” and move towards “Observatory.” Survive in the Archeology, and if you haven't done it, just move forward to beat the head of “Celestial Beast” and operate the terminal and access the Ikari path. Move forward on the Ikari path and reach the room where you will find “Artillery Chief.” Defeat the Artillery Chief and then scan the walls for your EVA suit.

Making and Upgrading the EVA Suit

After defeating two bosses, you will get blueprints as rewards. You can take the blueprints to a 3D printer to make a suit. To create the suits, you also need some crafting materials. Make sure to upgrade the EVA suit so it will no longer remain broken. Wear the suit and explore the space by getting outside of the ship and find great loot.

Is there a Second EVA Suit Available?

Yes, there is another EVA suit available in the game. That doesn't require an upgrade to function. The only problem with the suit is that it is located on a site called “High Ateliers.” To reach this particular location, you need to access a terminal at “Port Issoudun” and arrive 100% to operate the elevator that is located in the Embassy. If you have all the requirements and ready to go, you will find the suit right before the boss room. It is also the end point of the game, so you will not get to use that suit a lot.

Conclusion  - Hellpoint is a new arrival, but its concept and gameplay are amazing. Right now, very few games available that have a similar genre as Hellpoint. Players can earn rewards by defeating the bosses, but crafting materials can only be obtained through searching.

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Source:  Hellpoint: How to Acquire EVA Suit

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